Save emails into Quick Base from any email program and smart phone, including Outlook, Mac, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Android phones, etc. Also save Outlook calendar, contacts, tasks and more into Quick Base. Free trial at

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Reviews for SendToQuickBase

This Add-On is a Lifesaver

Our team has been using SendtoQuickbase for years. Just using regular email, we automatically add every day to our communication history with thousands of contacts. SoftTechExperts has given us great, fast service whenever our org has made changes that require app updates.

Christy Nicholson
December 29, 2017

Ahead of Time & Below Budget!

A few months ago we were tasked with developing a communication system between our internal Marketing Department and our external Field Force. The system needed to be simple to operate but still provide an eloquent interface that would strengthen our internal brand. The system would provide a standard look and feel and also provide tracking metrics. I am sure management thought this would probably take us a lot of time and cost a lot of money. Well with the help of Joe Acunzo and SendToQuickBase, we were able to develop our new communication system way ahead of time and well below budget. Joe worked with us every step of the way and had many suggestions for improvements and enhancements. We are very happy with the finished projects and are looking forward to getting Joe to help us on the next challenge.

David Ferrier
April 13, 2012

SendToQuickbBase Review

We have been using SendToQuickBase for several years at our company. We currently have a custom written Sales Opportunity Data base and had the need to attach e-mails and their attachments to specific opportunities. SofTechExperts was very helpful in getting the add on set-up and deployed across our organization. I highly recommend both the Add-On and SofTechExperts to anyone needing this feature.

Bob Esposito
Semtronic Associates
April 5, 2012

Great Software & Unsurpassed Support!

SoftTechExperts has made our lives infinitely easier through the use of SendToQuickbase. We are able to capture our Outlook emails to our database and meet the requirements of our insurance partner. Joe has made updates over the weekend to accommodate my requests. The level of support I receive is unparalleled. I will continue using S2QB for all of my needs and look forward to updates along the way.

Tony Scott
Synergy ID LLC
April 5, 2012

Fantastic time saver

SendToQuickBase is a tremendous tool and time-saver. We use it for a variety of integrations, including automatically saving emails in our QB CRM application. Highly recommended!

Spence Lloyd
Avant Healthcare Professionals
April 5, 2012

Great Time Savings

We have an operations team and engineering team using SendtoQuickbase. Both teams rave about how much time is saved by sending Outlook items into Quick Base. Great tool.

Gilbert Spigelman
April 5, 2012

Great product!

The SendToQuickBase application has worked reliably as we needed and is a great extension to Outlook/Quick Base. Joe Acunzo has always been helpful and we would recommend the product.

Joe Scola
April 5, 2012