Trinity Integrated Solutions, Inc.

Trinity is a Quick Base development partner focused on business process improvement. We assist clients in achieving improvements in service, efficiency and quality through custom solutions and applications. Companies do not have the time for long, drawn out projects. We specialize in quickly driving projects from concept to implementation.

Trinity is the Quick Base Solution Provider of the Year for 2015 and 2019 and a Quick Bask Gold Partner.

Business Skill

  • Application Development
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Integration with other Software
  • Training
  • Technical Support

Technical Skill

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Ruby

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Add-Ons from Trinity Integrated Solutions, Inc.

Migration Tools
Office & Email
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TrinityDashboards+ App Logo


TrinityDashboards+ revolutionizes the way information is viewed in Quick Base by allowing the filtering of multiple reports at the same time
(1 Rating)
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TrinityVoIP App Logo


Integrate your Quick Base app with a VoIP solution to initiate and receive call and texts right from your Contacts
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TrinityScheduler App Logo


TrinityScheduler allows you to create scheduled tasks that backup, move, add or delete data from your Quick Base applications.
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TrinityScan App Logo


TrinityScan can help you integrate barcode scanning into your Quick Base apps and mobile apps for complete flexibility.
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TrinityCalendar App Logo


TrinityCalendar provides the ultimate way to view and schedule calendar based data. Visualize your data in a whole new way!
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TrinitySurvey App Logo


TrinitySurvey enables teams to design their own surveys, questionnaires, audits and checklists
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TrinityMobile App Logo


TrinityMobile is a powerful, fully mobile, solution for Android/iOS devices that is completely integrated with Quick Base
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TrinitySync App Logo


TrinitySync enables you to store and manage files on Dropbox and Box for enhanced flexibility in data storage options.
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TrinityAuditLogger App Logo


TrinityAuditLogger is one of the most advanced and full featured record and field loggers for Quick Base
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TrinityLabel App Logo


Print barcode labels directly from your Quick Base application
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TrinityMaps App Logo


Add mapping integration to your Quick Base apps with TrinityMaps
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TrinityMultiFileUploader App Logo


Enables the ability for your users to upload to a Quick Base record multiple files at one time.
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TrinityGridEdit App Logo


TrinityGridEdit enables full custom grid edit capabilities beyond native Quick Base grid edit
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TrinitySignature App Logo


Add digital signature capture to your Quick Base applications and workflows with TrinitySignature
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TrinityAppointment App Logo


Enable customers to schedule appointments with your team
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TrinityWeather App Logo


Capture the weather automatically into your Quick Base app for jobs / projects that need to track it
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Reviews for Trinity Integrated Solutions, Inc.

Expertise with speed-to-market

Trinity Solutions Inc. has been a dependable partner in developing solutions to, and providing new insights to, business process enhancements. App development speed-to-market has been impressive and has enabled quick returns on captured efficiencies. Trinity was also able to develop mobile-specific interface for accommodating the ever-growing mobility needs of the current environment. Trinity has a customer-focused approach to business, they are well prepared and have been able to provide sustainability through on-going application support (as needed). Keep up the excellent work Trinity!

Southwest Airlines
September 7, 2020

Application support exceeded my expectation.

After collaborating with Ryan and gathered all the requested info, he completed the application ahead of my expectation and the result was exactly how we requested with ease of use. I can't thank you guys enough!

Allan Nisperos
April 5, 2020

Improved Reporting and Scheduling

We had been using a program that worked for getting families scheduled and assigned to staff but failed in its ability to produce useful reports. By contrast, the integrated scheduler that Trinity built out allows us to report out on a number of different, self-selected factors from staff assignments to resource use. It brings us a major step forward toward our goal of realizing efficiencies by providing our managers with data that allows them to better manage staff workloads, identify problem areas, and really see the inner workings of the systems they oversee.

Jodie Staton
District of Columbia Public Schools
March 1, 2020

Successful Integration

We were using a proprietary scheduling platform that was barely adequate and running in complete parallel to our main data system, creating needless data entry and introducing error. Trinity was able to replicate the look and feel of that proprietary tool and at the same time make it visually much more appealing. The transition was easy for staff with no down time. More importantly, though, the integration of the scheduling system has eliminated redundant work and allowed us to maximize the data within our existing database.

Sean Compagnucci
Early Stages
February 23, 2020

Always willing to assist

Trinity is always willing in large or small projects to assist! Thank you for your expertise!

Andrea Rochford
December 18, 2019

Outstanding Trinity Multi-App Development Experience

Trinity has provided numerous QuickBase developer add-on's to many of our internal and client QB App's. A few are mentioned below, however the words cannot fully describe the elegance, functionality, and muscle in using their programs. In addition, they are always available for making revisions or trouble shooting as the need arises - Scheduling of hundred's of professionals all across the country, based on their location, skills and availability. Includes mapping and management reports on individual calendar assignments and % assigned utilization - Resume developer that allows individuals to build or revise their resume and then automatically formats into a standard professional looking corporate PDF. Also can be searched for finding individual with specific skills and experience. - File management App's for transferring multiple documents to a Client's server. - Syncing QB with various client App's - Other custom client QB App's such as monthly spending projections on a rolling 12 month basis, auto dialing, Etc.

Bob Kreibich
December 18, 2019

Great work on Timeline View Scheduling

We contacted Trinity about replacing an existing solution. We were in a bit of a bind and needed something pretty quick. Not only was the delivery of the solution timely, it was also very well done. Thanks Trinity!

Forrest Parker
CRH Public Limited Company
October 24, 2019

Flexible & Knowledgeable

Trinity works in a very dynamic manner to enhance our quick base ecosystem and capabilities every step of the way. They are always open to conversation with the intention of finding the best possible solution regardless of circumstance. I appreciate their broad spectrum of expertise and experience and am consistently confident in the solution they propose.

Austin A Hayes
May 19, 2019

Amazing Work!

Trinity is not only incredibly easy to work with for newbies like us, their work is impeccable, extremely effective, and very reasonably priced. A pleasure to work with all around!!

Max Kaiser
Hand Crank Frilms
June 20, 2019

Talented & Experienced Staff

The team at Trinity really knows what they are doing and I would recommend anyone who needs help with application development seek their guidance and services.

March 19, 2019

Amazing Work!

Trinity is not only incredibly easy to work with for newbies like us, they're work is impeccable, extremely effective, and very reasonably priced. A pleasure to work with all around!

Max Kaiser
Hand Crank Frilms
June 20, 2019

Great work on Timeline View Scheduling

We worked with Trinity to build a custom interface for our scheduling data. We needed a timeline view to show gaps in the schedule for our different resources. Trinity was great in this process. Development was fast and the work was well done. There were a few bugs and preference changes that we needed after the initial build, but they were able to get everything resolved in a timely manner. Our end users are very happy with the final product.

Forrest Parker
CRH Public Limited Company
September 3, 2019

Focused, patient and solution oriented

I had an excellent experience with Scott Burday of Trinity Integrated Solutions! I could not find where I went wrong with some customized java and Scott walked through and made sure that my solution worked for my client. He helped me make my deadline and increased the functionality of an already amazing product! Please check Trinity Integrated for any custom work in Quickbase, they are worth it!!

Andrea Rochford
Andrea Rochford
February 8, 2019

Great Support

Trinity provided a wealth of talent and experience as they really know what they are doing. If you are looking to develop an application, you should consider working with their team.

March 20, 2019


Trinity has gone above and beyond our expectations to make our Quick Base experience seamless. We worked specifically with Brad Eisenberg, our solutions specialist. Brad and his team were patient, articulate, and knowledgeable beyond words. Not only learning our business (which can be very complicated), but also showing extreme diligence to make suggestions that even we did not think of. The title of this review says it all. We would not have wanted it any other way!

Brandon Amato
Site Safety, LLC
April 9, 2019

Responsive, helpful, professional work!

High marks to Trinity for their quick response to our needs in developing a limited front door for non-users to enter requests to our app. It's particularly helpful when a consultant "gets it," adapting to your specific needs and even suggesting other improvements. Oh, and they're also a lot of fun. We'll be using them again!

A Regional Bank
January 8, 2019

Great Job

Trinity Solutions was very easy to work with and was always searching for solutions outside the box. I would recommend using this company!

Jake Mcelhaney
TriTechne Inc.
April 30, 2018

Helping AGSM, Inc., organize our membership

Trinity Integrated Solutions, Inc., was essential for creating processes to simplify data for better reporting and organization for our membership database. They were patient and thorough with launching and follow up with applications that were specific to our needs.

Jo Ann Maitland
American Gold Star Mothers, Inc
June 1, 2018

Trustworthy & Capable Team

Trinity integrated Solutions, Inc. saved the day for InSite Health! We had contracted another QB provider to suffer through a year of miss communications, lack of transparency and capabilities for a large project. Trinity Integrated Solutions not only went above and beyond to fix our broken system but never made us feel foolish for choosing and sticking with a partner that wasn't capable of doing the work we needed. Since then we consider them a true partner in all our Quick Base needs. They are honest, trustworthy, capable and totally transparent!

Beckie K
InSite Health LLC
June 14, 2018

Chose Quick Base because of Trinity integrated Solutions, Inc.

When comparing competing platforms we chose Quick Base because of Trinity integrated Solutions, Inc. We felt confident they understood our business, it's needs and had the experience and knowledge to deliver. They were responsive, professional and delivered the product we imagined. We plan on implementing TrinityScan within the year and continuing to partner with Trinity integrated Solutions, Inc. as our business continues to grow.

Nader Baaklini
Atlanta Recycling Company
July 6, 2018

Professional & Consultative

Had a great experience working with Trinity and looking for continued engagements. Not only are they experts with Quickbase but they are very consultative. If you have a general idea of what you need they will jump in and fill that "product management" void. Would highly recommend!

Mike R
September 17, 2018

Custom Quick Base Application -- Excellent service from initial consult through implementation

We utilized Trinity to help design and build a custom QuickBase application that was a hybrid mix of CRM elements, workflow processes and other random tools. Rich and the Trinity team did an excellent job advising us as new QB users and were invaluable throughout the process. They guided us in the right direction and provided helpful feedback as to the directions to take our app. Would definitely recommend them to another firm looking to build out a custom QB app.

Scott B.
October 7, 2018

Thrilled with the Calendar that Trinity created for us

I was very happy with the work Kyle and Scott at Trinity did to provide us a scheduling tool/calendar that can schedule on multiple levels. Our business is very technical and they were able to see through our industry jargon and scientific speak to really nail the delivery. They delivered on time, on budget, and what we asked. We have worked with another Quick Base Provider on a different project and did not have a good experience so we were thrilled when this one worked out so well. Would absolutely use them on any future Quick Base projects.

Jessica F.
a bioscience company
April 4, 2018

Great Software and Support

Initially, I was hesitant about paying for an app in its entirety, as opposed to paying a subscription or based on usage. I asked myself: What if it's not what I expected? What if I don't like it? What if it doesn't work? Trinity addressed all my concerns. Planning meetings were clear and concise. Expectations and time frames were established, and met. I highly recommend Trinity. The Trinity team is top notch. They are professional, knowledgeable, and thorough. I did not just buy software. I bought a solution.

Patrick Swart
April 1, 2018

Excellent Customer Service

We needed a database for our new Transportation service that we could track clients, appointments, and billing. Trinity was excellent working with us every step of the way, fine tuning the application to fit our needs and designing a program that is user friendly. If we have any questions or concerns, we can reach out to Trinity and receive a timely response and solution from them. I highly recommend Trinity for your needs.

Jessica Zink
Township of North Brunswick
March 18, 2018

Trinity to the Rescue!

We got stuck in building our app and had no idea how to proceed. It was Trinity to the rescue! Gene Bixler listened intently to our issue and worked with us to find the most cost effective solution. We needed to fill a child table automatically based on a new record being entered in a parent table. With hundreds of records being entered, doing this manually would have been too time consuming. Gene was able to give us two options also letting us know the pros and cons of each. We chose the native Quickbase solution with a webhook which we were told could be done quicker saving us money. Now with a little upfront set up on our end, our users will experience this child table filling automatically. Our app functions exactly as we envisioned. What a great asset to our company! We are extremely satisfied with how Trinity handled our problem and we are once again up and running. Gene went above and beyond in helping us and we highly recommend Trinity for Quickbase support.

Josh Nurrenbern
DKF Prescription Mapping
August 15, 2017

Trinity & Audit Manager Tops for Safety and Risk Management Applications

My organization recently completed several app projects with Trinity and we are very pleased. Trinity developed safety and health applications on the Audit Manager platform that far exceeded our expectations. The entire team, from sales to development, were excellent to work with and guided us through the app creation process. For any safety or EHS professionals looking to create custom apps for your manufacturing, construction, or field safety programs Audit Manager is a must. And you'll enjoy working with the Trinity team. They are professional, great to work with, have an eye for detail, and have a deep understanding of how to partner with clients to help them build custom apps.

Angelo Miklos
November 20, 2017

Custom Work

Our company was using an outdated inventory, reservations, and client system that was no longer meeting all of our growing company's needs. After getting started with Quickbase, we were put in touch with Trinity Integrated Solutions Inc. to contract their help in tailoring Quickbase to our needs and develop a functioning system. Trinity helped us get all the apps we needed and tried working with us to make sure we could pull the information we'd need for reports, to track and check out our inventory with a barcode system, and to get the features we wanted to mimic from our old data platform. As a courtesy, Trinity helped train staff when our power user left the company, and they helped fix certain snags if and when the came up. When Quickbase's basic features aren't enough for you, Trinity is one of many options available to help improve the platform with advanced coding to take your app up to the next level.

Kara Nelson
June 6, 2017

Great to work with!

Trinity has been developing and supporting our Quick Base applications for over 4 years and we can't say enough good things about them. In the beginning they helped us understand cloud based applications and how they could benefit our business, they've coached us along the way to help us improve our business practices and how to best implement them in Quick Base and they've provided unparalleled support. Whenever we need an enhancement they are very responsive to get it done quickly and at a reasonable cost to a small business. We can't tell you how much we appreciate the support they have provided. You'd think we were a big company!

Christina M. Lopez
Carroll Collins Bail Bonds
May 2, 2013

Expert Development Support

I have been working with Trinity Integrated Solutions, Inc. for almost two years. Charles Guilbert has been a critical part of my own development services for Quick Base customers. Using his expertise, my clients have been able to leverage Quick Base to give them the custom interfaces and custom reporting features that otherwise eludes them. From generating a quotation that looks like the output document to performing complex calculations across hundreds of records of data and presenting the results in a simple dashboard interface, Charles was able to show that Quick Base truly is the database of choice for flexibility and function. I highly recommend Trinity Integrated Solutions, Inc. for their Quick Base enhancement capability. Trinity Integrated Solutions, Inc. deliver on both service and results that will help your applications reach a higher level.

Laura Hillier
April 4, 2012

Rising to all of the challenges

I have worked closely with Trinity through Prime Therapeutics Quick Base Database for 3 years now. Prior to this it was at an arm's length. We throw many challenges their way and Scott and team always come through to assist and create new databases or reports or functions within our current databases that help us save time, money and to support our client's and our internal needs at the highest level.

Christina Nihsen
April 4, 2012

Trusted Partner

Trinity has supported Prime Therapeutics for eight years with professional business consulting and technical development of mission critical Quick Base applications and processes. Lead by Scott Burday, Trinity is truly a force multiplier by delivering results in days that an internal IT Team would weeks. Dependable, Responsive, Expert, Partner only begins to describe Trinity.

Russell Hines
April 4, 2012

Great Partner for PM Solution

Trinity has been a great partner as we've developed a very complicated Project Management application in Quick Base. They are very knowledgeable and responsive. They quickly understood our business and our needs to help provide the solution we needed.

Kevin Rounds
April 4, 2012


Trinity has been an outstanding partner for my team. They have developed a Quickbase application to manage our webinar production that has become the "secret sauce" to our success. Trinity is dependable, reasonably priced and honest in our dealings with them. I'd recommend them to anyone!

Steve Tate
May 3, 2017

Experts in QuickBase

I used Trinity for a promotional marketing calendar to combine with our current QuickBase application. The entire process from start to finish was smooth and thorough. The finished product was exactly what we expected. Questions/concerns were answered in a timely manner. The team was a pleasure to work with and I'll definitely recommend Trinity in the future.

May 9, 2017

Understanding Business and Workflow

We had worked with another service provider prior to Trinity and they simply did not get it right. Even though we spent the largest amount of our allocated programming time to explain our business and how our work flowed, they clearly didn't get it. Once we were done, we needed help to make it a workable platform as we were left with something that simply was awkward. In less than 60 minutes on a conference call, the Trinity team of Gene and Nathan fixed our major concerns and turned this into a workable solution for us. As I said to them, I wish we had started with Trinity as the outcome would have been faster, and more intuitive throughout. I simply cannot find any fault with Trinity. They understand business and workflow: what could be more important in designing your software solutions? And, they are great people to work with. They are our partner from now on!

Tyler Madison
Platinum Leaf Facilities Inc.
May 7, 2017

Thorough, Detailed, and Top-Notch

Working with Charles at Trinity has been so much fun! I've learned many, many new features of QuickBase and expanded my knowledge and abilities. Charles takes time to listen and understand comprehensive projects before he offers a solution. That's key for me. He is patient in his teaching style, and makes sure I understand what we are doing and why. I am a big supporter of Trinity!

Jessica McCown
PSL Group
April 26, 2017

QuickBase Support Like No Other

When we initially started our QuickBase database, we took an off the shelf template and had no idea how to make it work for us. Trinity changed all of that in a blink of an eye. Laura and Charles took the time to understand our business needs before attempting to fix the application we had attempted to piece together. Their detailed approach to problem solving truly made our experience with the tool a great one. Laura always had time for us and made us feel like a priority and honestly, like a friend. Our attachment to our QuickBase applications would not have been nearly as intense had it not been for all of the integrated solutions and reports the Trinity team put into place. Their involvement and support was truly invaluable!

Michelle Evans-Massey
Verizon Wireless
May 14, 2017

Trinity Development Help

We have been using Trinity for a number of years to help us develop QuickBase applications for project management. I have found Trinity to be extremely responsive with our requests, to have QB knowledge and skills that provide helpful functionality to our applications and we consider them as a valued resource.

Kevin Teegarden
GE Health Care
April 23, 2017


The Trinity team has help us navigate multiple custom and native builds within Quickbase. Their customer service, attention detail and quick response is exactly what is needed when looking to streamline operations for our fast growing company.

Michael McCord
Evo Exhibits
April 23, 2017

Excellent service, excellent problem solving

The big difference I've seen between the best developers I've worked with: the best ones listen to your problems and requirements, and seek to fully understand and solve those problems. Trinity is exactly that kind of company. The difference is night and day when a company really wants your business and to add value to your company. The work they put in to making the job right is remarkable. Thank you, Trinity!

Eric Goodnight
RMR Designs
April 24, 2017

Truly Master Experts

I've been working with the team at Trinity for many years. The team is truly masterful at all things Quick Base, and moreover, they are familiar with all types of businesses and common business processes, so the turn around time between identifying a business problem and developing a real long term solution is so fast! And Charles - I just refer to him as "the QB genius!"

Maria Acuna
Ariam Consutling LLC
April 24, 2017


A few years ago, when I was given the responsibility to have an application built for my department, I wasn't very excited. I'd worked with developers before and didn't look forward to the having to teach them the intricacies of my business. But I drew the luckiest of cards when I met the people at Trinity Integrated Solutions. They are truly intuitive developers. They're goal, from start to finish, was to insure that I was not only happy but that my application functioned exactly as I needed it to. And then, after meeting every expectation, they invested themselves still further in my success by recommending features that I hadn't imagined were possible. My success and advancement was directly related to the application that I brought to my company. Trinity Integrated Solutions made it happen because they possess that rare gift of vision -- the vision to see the final product: what it does, how to achieve the best results, how to simplify the process without sacrificing quality.

April 24, 2017

Great Partner

Charles and the Trinity development team were instrumental in helping us launch our first Quickbase sales support application. They were able to capture our requirements and quickly turnaround a very impressive analytical and reporting offering. They took the time to share their knowledge and best-practice experiences to ensure the projects they support would exceed all of our expectations. Thank you Charles, Kyle and Scott!

Ed Zacchini
Dell EMC
April 24, 2017

Excellent help

I can't begin to tell you how helpful Charles has been for me. His knowledge and experience are invaluable and the few small things he helped me with have had enormous impact - I will definitely be working with him again. He's made a major difference.

Tyler Kipps
April 25, 2017

Entrepreneurial partners that care

The team at Trinity take the time to learn your business and build solutions that actually increase productivity. We feel fortunate to work with them.

Garrett Scharton
April 23, 2017

Easy to work with and flexible

Working with Trinity is a breeze. When I have a problem, Trinity offers multiple solutions and a detailed pros and cons list to help us decide what route to go for quick builds. I always appreciate their thoroughness in explaining what the options are. Also, they're great at coaching!

April 26, 2017

Excellent Resource

We've used Trinity extensively over the last 10 or so years, and they've become our go-to for QuickBase help. These guys do the hard stuff - when the answer is not obvious, Trinity has the answer. Super crew. Excellent work.

Ty Shewmake
April 23, 2017

Fantastic Results with Trinity

SEVATI Therapeutics is a home healthcare agency that performs physical, occupational and speech therapy for home bound patients. Prior to coming to Trinity and the QuickBase platform, we had 100% manual and paper based processes and could not expand our business due to the huge burden of the paper and how it took so many people to handle it and the time frames involved. Trinity worked with SEVATI to define all new business processes and then developed the QuickBase solution based on the new processes and workflows. Overnight SEVATI was transformed from paper to tablet and are reaping the benefits. The SEVATI Operations team no longer has to QC any of the work (QC processes are built into the app), turnaround times have moved from months and weeks to hours and minutes, and leadership can now focus on growing the business.

Kevin Simpson
SEVATI Therapeutics
April 26, 2017

First Class Service

We worked with Trinity in 2015 and into 2016 on the development of a new product. They were always responsive, quick with results and always had great ideas on making the product better. Even after rollout they spend time to troubleshoot issues and answer our questions quickly and efficiently. Couldn't have chosen a better team to work with!

Gina Rowe
April 23, 2017

Great process improvement with exceptional support

Recently our company decided that we needed a better way to track our safety training. We had been trying to do it with just paper training records, but with over 1000 contractors is was impossible to maintain all of the safety records. We decided to use the Quickbase platform and were introduced to Trinity as a partner that could build and support not only the building of the custom application, but also the security aspects that need to work with the application. With the new application and the RFID tagging tools, we now have complete control and understanding of the contractors that are entering our facility. This application has made safety compliance very seamless. We are also now able to have accurate on site hours worked instead of depending on contractors to turn in hours and the time spent maintaining contractor hours. Scott has been a huge help in developing the applications our company is currently using and we are still using Trinity's services to build more applications for our company. Very simple, very user friendly and great technical support from Scott and his team. Thanks Trinity.

Reece Carey
April 29, 2017

Above and Beyond...from our CRM to our custom Calendar

Trinity has really gone above and beyond with our final product. Most recently, they have added a feature to our program where a actual PDF document is attached to the automatic emails that go out to our clients. From the planning to the final product, the process was very simple and we couldn't be happier with the end product. Previously, clients would have to click on a link to then download a PDF from the automatic emails. As well as the emails were not coming from us exactly, they would be coming from our email address but "via [email protected]" which unfortunately dumped a lot of emails into our clients spam folders. With the fix the Trinity did, the emails are now coming from our email address, no more "via [email protected]", and the PDF's are now directly attached to the emails. Leaving us and our clients happy! This is just 1 small feature they have built for us. Trinity has built our entire CRM and calendar app. Thank you Charles, Ryan and Kyle.

Mike Redfearn
Mr. Sparkle Window Washers
April 23, 2017


To Whom it may concern: Charles is always extremely helpful with helping develop our Quickbase app. We often schedule hour sessions with him and we are always pleased with how fast Charles is and how productive the hour is. Thank you for all your support! Katie

Katie Giordano
FMC Technologies, Inc.
April 20, 2017

Key to Success

Our company builds cloud based solutions for healthcare entities. We use the QuickBase platform for a unique clinical operations automation application which has been deployed by one of our customers. Trinity Integrated Solutions has been integral to the success of this application. Trinity has definitive knowledge of the intricacies of QuickBase. Coupled with their programming skills and command of Web technologies they have helped us unleash the full potential of QuickBase making the final application easy to use and extremely powerful. The people at Trinity are very helpful and easy to work with. They fully support their work, are readily available, are straight forward in their proposals and they go above-and-beyond to make the application development process as smooth as possible.

Al Cuellar
Efferent Health
April 22, 2017

Highly Recommended

Trinity has been a great asset to FMC as we deploy database solutions to help our Company be more productive. Charles "gets" what we are trying to accomplish, and is able to create QuickBase solutions that are built to last. I would highly recommend Trinity for any database applications.

Brian Crafts
FMC Technologies, Inc.
April 21, 2017

Outstanding Trinity Performance

Trinity has provided outstanding development work for our QuickBase App's where outside expertise was required to provide a required intuitive functional process or action not available in the native QB platform. On one major App it required very unique mapping and scheduling development and a "ton" of collaborative effort to create a powerful production App that has been used constantly every day for the last two years with monotonous reliability. Trinity also has some very useful pre-built App's for specific functions which they can customize for specific needs. In summary, we have had outstanding success w/ Trinity from both small and large development efforts

Bob Kreibich
EMG Corporation
April 20, 2017

Thanks Charles!

We have been working with Charles from Trinity for nearly a year now. No matter what we throw at him he has always been capable of implementing it in QuickBase in the most efficient manner possible. He's always helpful and has been a pleasure to work with.

John Maw
FMC Technologies, Inc.
April 20, 2017

Close Partner that Will Learn Your Business!

We brought Trinity in to build a Quickbase application that would serve a variety of financial and business tracking needs for our group. They really took the time to understand what we were trying to accomplish, and how our business functions, to not just meet the scope requirements but actually continue to add value and arrive at a solution better than we originally envisioned! These guys really know Quickbase, and they understand the long-term consequences of every decision. And they won't talk over you through the process.

Brian Reinholz
April 19, 2017


DTIC has been working with Trinity for over a year and their service has been nothing short of exceptional and professional. Scott, Charles and team are great to work with and unbelievably insightful on business processes. They have provided custom solutions for calendars, maps, field surveys and mobile solutions that have added an incredible amount of efficiency's to our business. I highly recommend Trinity and continue to lean on them for out of the box forward thinking ideas.

Richard Godoy
Software develper
April 18, 2017

Excellent Vendor

Our company has worked with Trinity for over 5 years. They have been an excellent vendor for both original application design work and enhancement / break-fix of existing applications. Thanks to Trinity, we have been able to do things in QuickBase that other consulting firms said were impossible. I would highly recommend Trinity's services.

Chris S.
Mid-Size CPA / Consulting Review
April 19, 2017

Trinity Review

Very helpful and active, my experience with Trinity, Charles Guilbert, was always positive and resourceful. He was always accommodating in explanations, as there had been many challenges within our procedures and policies, however were met with quick resolution. Thank you for your support!

April 19, 2017

Great extension of our team!

The platform Trinity created for team, who manages over 1200 webinars per year, has been a game changer! The system has allowed us to consolidate reporting, streamline our processes and increase efficiency. Their ongoing support has helped us immensely, they're quick to respond and great problem solvers. Thank you!

K. Rice
April 19, 2017

QuickBase Customization

Working with Trinity was a pleasure and easy. I had some ideas on changes I wanted to make to our existing QuickBase application, Ryan provided recommendations that made the changes user-friendly to our end users. Ryan also provided suggestions on various parts of our application to make interfaces work. I am not a developer and having someone I can trust on outcomes makes a difference to our processes.

Southwest Airlines
April 19, 2017

We could NOT have chosen a better partner.....period!

Our company needed a partner that could take a complex CONCEPTUAL business model and create a working application that integrates several technologies (barcode scanning, VIN decoding, wireless printing, payroll capture, inventory management, intuitive order entry/fulfillment, QuickBase push/pull communication, realtime analytics, and App Store free trial program). Trinity did extensive research, laid out a simple plan that included directives for each team member, and began delivering. Their process was very efficient and productive. Our controlled rollout went as planned and today we have a product that is the envy of our competitors and has allowed us to grow 400%. We have realtime visibility and analytics operating at 23 locations, with 130 employees, processing 1400+ tasks per day. We could NOT have chosen a better partner.....period!

Kent Hendricks
April 19, 2017

Copy Master Detail Conundrum

I was delighted by the work done by Trinity. As a QSP myself I ran up against a QuickBase limitation where my client needed to be able to Copy an extremely complex "Job" complete with many child tables with complex and looping relationships AND file attachments. The Trinity staff wrote the required script code to leverage the existing Copy Master Detail functionality but in an iterative fashion which would get the job "copied" with children and with file attachments. On time and on budget too.

Mark Shnier
Your QuickBase Coach
April 19, 2017

Great Partner

My organization has been working within Trinity for just over a year now, and I cannot say enough good things about Jeff, Kyle, and the whole team. We demand a lot from our application, and have a fairly complex data structure. Trinity has helped us think about the business processes, and has helped us achieve even our most complex business requirements. I'm glad we chose them as our solutions provider, and would make the choice again with no hesitation.

Adam B.
April 19, 2017

Excellent Service

Trinity puts me at ease. Small projects are taken as seriously as large ones, the turn-around is always fast, and the communication is superb. Trinity is extremely patient and professional when working with complex corporations. If you can get Jeff on your project, I highly recommend him too! Looking forward to continuing to work with Trinity.

April 19, 2017

Couldn't be more pleased

I couldn't be more pleased with the support we've received from Trinity. They have always been courteous, helpful, and very professional, and they've always provided excellent service and solid solutions. Because of their thorough understanding of the native capabilities of QuickBase, they have consistently given us good advice on app design, and they have implemented many of the designs for us. The custom features that they have developed for us have worked seamlessly with QuickBase and have expanded our capability to manage our business efficiently. They have also graciously served as system administrators so that our users have responsive service when I'm not available. I highly recommend Trinity for QuickBase support.

Darrell Eldridge
April 19, 2017

Trinity Calendar.... Outstanding Product

Our company worked with Trinity to integrate the Trinity calendar into our existing QuickBase project management app. The results were stellar. Their team of professional and knowledgeable staff was easy to work with and acted quickly to build our calendar. Our business has to manage many resources and this tool maximizes the efficiency of utilizing those resources. Our team is happier since their day to day responsibilities have been made easier. We highly recommend the Trinity team for any of your QuickBase needs.

March 7, 2016

Customer Review of QB Parner Trinitiy Integrated Solutions

Trinity has provided Southwest Airlines with on-demand development assistance on one of our enterprise planning databases. We've worked primarily with Analyst / Engineer Charles Guilbert. Charles has consulte with us on the most optimal solution design, and then implemented the changes required. Charles has been knowledgeable, easy to work with, and highly responsive. The Trinity organization has been easy to work with on all counts.

Lindsey Thomas
April 4, 2012