Canadian Pharmaceutical & Consumer Health Care Household Name Impres Inc. Builds Flexibility and High Value Through Low-Code

Founded in 2005, Impres Inc. is a household name in the Canadian Pharmaceutical & Consumer Health Care industry. Its relationship with Quickbase began early on, as Impres embraced technology to build proprietary tools that differentiated them from the competition.

Growing to become Canada’s #1 contract sales organization, Impres focuses on its mission to exceed client expectations through executional excellence. Through Quickbase’s automation and data analysis, the company evolved its service pillars to include Consumer, Multi-channel, Medical, Recruiting, and CRM divisions. Their most recent release of IMVision X is an industry specific CRM powered by Quickbase. This builds upon their proven track record as a leader with a CRM designed to meet the evolving needs of today’s healthcare sales representatives.

Grounded on a firm belief in partnership, Impres has grown over a decade with Quickbase. Leveraging Quickbase’s low-code environment, Impres has been able to develop cutting edge applications allowing their partners to stay ahead of the competition, always innovating to be proactive towards tomorrow’s needs.


  • Filling a gap in high quality pharmaceutical sales outsourcing
  • Evolving the industry away from paper systems and manual operations
  • Delivering “boutique” client experiences that exceed partner expectations
  • Expanding awareness of the only CRM specifically designed for Pharma sales environment


  • High-value and flexible service offerings with rapid deployment
  • Implementing low-code technology to optimize business processes specific to Pharma sales
  • Building out proprietary tools to optimize in person activities and virtual promotion capabilities
  • Next generation CRM focused on promoting positive rep behavior and driving results


  • Company developed from a startup operating out the founder’s garage into a leading and trusted multi-channel healthcare company
  • Flexible structure that empowers teams to focus on strategy and deliver results
  • Successful scaling at competitive price point
  • Cutting-edge reporting capabilities to make smart business decisions

How It All Started

15 years ago, Impres Inc. began as an innovative start up looking to fill a void in healthcare contract sales. Following its cliché ‘garage-startup,’ the team developed a rep-first platform that would transform outsourcing in Pharma. With Quickbase as their technology driver, Impres quickly became the number one solution for the industry.

From Sales to Finance to Marketing to HR departments, Impres began to use Quickbase as its central hub to run their business operations. The flexibility of Quickbase allows Impres to simplify tasks and focus on executing strategy. Impres was able to extend these internal capabilities to build IMVision, a cutting-edge CRM tailored for the Pharmaceutical & Consumer Health Care industry. This CRM became highly desired by all sized industry partners. Its reporting capabilities provide insights for Impres and their partners to make better business decisions.

Over time, both companies have grown together, as Impres has evolved their services to adapt to their partner needs and help them grow.

Every part of the business uses Quickbase in some way, shape or form. Impres wouldn’t be able to operate without having Quickbase or some similar technology in place.

Cody Petrosino
Impres IT Manager

Partners in Growth

With the right tools under their belt, Impres expanded their services from pharma to Consumer, Multi-channel, Medical, Recruiting and CRM divisions. After 15 years of experience and over 700 successful relationships, the #1 contract sales organization in Canada continues to choose Quickbase as its technology partner.

Petrosino credits its tailored business intelligence metrics to the company’s continued excellence. Quickbase reporting enables his IT team of analysts “to drill down into information to create actionable insights and roll up reporting to make better decisions within their own business.”

Rather than using a combination of disjointed software solutions, Impres’ technology stack leverages the functionality and integrations of Quickbase to pass the savings on to their partners. This long-time partnership has resulted in the release of Impres’ most recent tool: IMVision X powered by Quickbase. This new iteration takes their leading experience to a whole new level with a focus on Virtual selling.

Powered by Quickbase technology, IMVision offers reps a robust and complete CRM platform when they need it most. As COVID-19 highlights the importance of healthcare, especially in a virtual environment, Impres is at the forefront of the industry.

What the Future Holds

In today’s socially distanced environment, IMVision is uniquely positioned to facilitate virtual selling. It’s a dynamic platform that can integrate with any meeting tool, to help partners solve their unique problems and continue to serve the healthcare industry.

As Impres continues to gain ground in the US market, Quickbase supports its ability to copy applications, scale and deploy. This means that Petrosino and his IT team can “continue to learn and leverage new features to better serve our partners.” A close relationship with Quickbase helps Impres continue to innovate and create solutions that benefit the health industry.

For Impres, automating transactional processes has been key to achieve success. Through experimentation and learning, the company has been able to put strategy before structure. Through over a decade of continuous improvement and evolution, the company has enabled partners to realize their strategic vision. With a flexible solution like Quickbase, the Impres IT team continues to meet the changing needs of the healthcare industry and anticipate tomorrow’s demands.