Smart Builder makes everyone a smarter builder

Generate custom apps with AI-powered automation in minutes, all with Quickbase.

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Fewer gatekeepers, more builders

Smart Builder takes the guesswork out of building applications for workflow management. By using AI technology, anyone managing dynamic work, regardless of their technical skill level, can create custom apps in minutes right in Quickbase — including tables, fields, forms, reports, dashboards, and some sample data.
A screenshot of Quickbase's Smart Builder

Cut out Gray Work across your company

Gray Work is what we call all the ad-hoc solutions, manual tasks, and tedious work businesses use to compensate for disconnected systems and insufficient technology.

With Smart Builder, instead of wasting countless hours and resources trying to get an app built, you can develop one in minutes with little more than a basic understanding of your business process and the problem(s) you’re trying to solve. From there, you can easily create it, test it, and launch your new application.

Find inspiration through automation

We know that a blank page can be daunting, so we’re giving you a head start by generating a custom app designed for your business. You also get AI-powered recommendations for new tables and fields to add to your app, based on more than 26 million fields and 800,000 tables created on the Quickbase platform.

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Sample the Smart Builder AI now

These three pre-defined choices can fuel your app creation by starting you with some recommendations. Choose one and watch the app table suggestions fill in, or start from scratch by using your own search terms below.

When you see a table recommendation you like, hit the "+" button to add it to your "app" on the right-hand side. You can remove tables you no longer want to track by pressing the table's "x" button. To use the search box, try entering keywords related to the types of entries your app will connect. For example, try searching "project," "items," or "contacts" to return recommended fields. Press "Search" after each change in your app to see even more specialized recommendations.

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Creating a new app in Quickbase

Trust that your privacy is protected

AI tools are being leveraged across many industries but concerns around privacy are limiting innovation and growth. When you generate an app with Smart Builder, that data is not being used to train any AI models.

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Smart Builder benefits and key capabilities



Generate custom apps with intelligent recommendations, not just autocomplete or type-ahead lookups.
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Get intelligent table and field suggestions to improve apps.
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Leverage data from millions of apps to derive patterns to customize table and field recommendations with confidence.
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Frequently asked questions

We’ve designed Smart Builder for anyone to use, regardless of technical ability. As long as you know what you need to track you can generate a custom app in minutes.

Quickbase leverages generative AI for creating apps. The table and field recommendations are powered by machine learning.

Yes. When creating an app, the prompts you enter are not used to train any AI models. Quickbase app metadata is used for table and field recommendations.