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Wireless Business Group Dials Up Results with Quickbase

The Wireless Business Group helps companies save time and money on their cellular service plans. WBG is able to drastically reduce client wireless expenses while addressing their technology needs with expertise and care. As a fast-growing company, however, WBG needed a solution to manage its own ability to deliver services. To meet the challenge, WBG built a resource management app on Quickbase that delivers accurate information quickly.


  • Tracking daily carrier and customer interaction (and results)
  • Spreadsheets and email didnt ensure data quality or reliability
  • Billing based on work performed became far too cumbersome to track manually


  • Resource management app built on Quickbase
  • Easy report generation detailed client savings in time and money
  • Data export improved billing detail and accuracy


  • Adjusted billing for 90% of client accounts
  • Substantiated service value with ROI and results data
  • Improved billing insight and transparency

To its customers, The Wireless Business Group (WBG) is more than a cellular consulting company; its a lifeline to keeping the rising cost of cellular services down without losing out on the cutting-edge features and benefits of the technology.

Its a niche business built by two former AT&T and Cingular employees who saw an opportunity to use their inside knowledge to help corporate clients avoid carrier overage charges and resolve billing errors. Theyre so good at what they do, theyve successfully cut cellular phone costs for some of their clients by as much as 60%.

Yet theirs is a resource-intensive business that involves the complete management of client cellular portfolios, including bill reviews, carrier interaction, device provisioning and troubleshooting for employee handset problems. As the company grew, it was WBGs resource management that needed adjusting as the spreadsheet and email tools the company was using didnt ensure data quality or provide insight into work performed.

We were spending more time on the phone with carriers, more time ordering equipment and more time adding features, and we needed to be able to track what we were doing for customers and when it was being done, said WBG senior partner Sam Serianni.

Reporting signals a need for change

After reviewing several database products, Serianni and business partner Tom Huegel chose Quickbase to build a customizable resource management app. The app provided robust functionality and an easy-to-use interface that could be managed by the non-technical staff, most of who were able to use the system after only 15 minutes of in-house training.

Once the Quickbase app was launched, spreadsheet data was imported into the app to track every minute of staff time and resources used on a client account. And day-to-day client interactions were captured within the system so WBG could see exactly where and how resources were being used.

WBG uses Quickbases built-in reporting capability to run reports on work performed for each client, giving them the information they needed to bill clients with more accuracy — and support that billing with reliable dates and data.

We dont have margins on what we sell. We sell our time and knowledge. So, we have to have the ability to find ways to be more productive. All that is reflected in the value we get from Quickbase, says Serianni.

A direct line to value

Within the first seven months of using Quickbase for resource management, Serianni and Huegel were able to adjust billing for almost 90% of their clients, based on the resource data they pulled from Quickbase.

WBG could show their clients in real time the value they were receiving in terms of time saved, dollars saved and ROI delivered. And billing questions were reduced, now that they could include information on their invoices that detailed the resources used and money saved on cellular phone management each month.

The company can be more aggressive in the marketplace, now that the team has the tools they need to sell the ROI of their service to large enterprise clients that require validation of their work.

And while WBG started out as a niche business without a definitive business strategy, Quickbase has given them a broader vision and better understanding of the strengths and competitive advantages of the business.

We didnt have a business model when we started, but with Quickbase we now have a real awareness of who we are and where we fit into the marketplace.