Universal Men’s Clinic: Concierge Driven Medicine Powered by Quickbase

Universal Men’s Clinic: Concierge Driven Medicine Powered by Quickbase


  • Efficiently managing operations across a growing network of clinics
  • Obtaining insights to support exceptional service
  • Prebuilt and traditionally coded options not the right fit


  • HIPAA-compliant online Quickbase patient management system
  • Standardized, automated processes for efficiency, accuracy, and consistent service
  • Deep insight into daily operations for better decision-making


  • A higher level of service driven by automated communications and a holistic patient view
  • A more profitable business made possible by operational efficiencies and personalized service
  • High security and scalability to keep growing volumes of patient data safe

A leading specialty practice, Universal Men’s Clinic (UMC) has helped improve the sexual health of thousands of men since its founding in 2011. UMC’s first clinic opened its doors in Honolulu, Hawaii. Today, it owns and operates 13 clinics—12 in the continental United States—with plans underway to open more soon.

Terry Harmon, CEO of UMC, has distinguished his business from others in the medical industry by providing patients with an exceptional level of service—from no-wait appointments to prompt patient/staff communications on everything from results to payment schedules. To make his vision for concierge driven medicine a reality from the start, he knew he’d need the right patient management system. He also knew that he’d have to search for it beyond the traditional choices available.

I hired programmers to help me develop business management solutions in the past, but the solutions took a lot of time and the results always fell short. EHR solutions really didn’t fit either as they’re more for tracking medical care and insurance data.

Terry Harmon
CEO of Universal Men’s Clinic

A long-time user of QuickBooks software, Harmon learned that Quickbase had introduced a new a low-code, development platform for business people who wanted to create their own powerful online tools, backed by a highly secure database platform. It was Quickbase, and Harmon knew he had found his answer.

Uniting Business and IT

With little more than Excel skills, Harmon was able to fully build out his own HIPAA-compliant patient management system on Quickbase within the span of six months. He has since leveraged it across UMC’s entire network of clinics, taking advantage of the now independent company’s evolving platform.

The system is equipped with custom forms that not only standardize everything from intake to invoicing but can also be quickly and easily be updated as required. Automated tools, reports, and APIs facilitate the seamless yet secure flow of information, based on roles and permissions, from a centralized online repository.

Healthcare in action using Quickbase

All these features and functionality dramatically reduce manual data entry, improve accuracy, and make everything from setting appointments, to prescription scheduling, to payment plans, a faster and simpler process.

A single executive dashboard also provides Harmon and his team with real-time visibility on all patient management activities occurring within and across clinics, as well as staff performance. Marketing and sales data, including third-party metrics, can be quickly compiled into custom reports that deliver valuable and timely insights unique to the business. With both historical and daily intelligence readily at hand, Harmon and his team are empowered to make the best decisions to guide the business forward.

Because we can see what's going on at each location every day, we are able to quickly make adjustments to continually improve the business relationship we have with our patients. It helps us drive consistent, high quality service across our entire network of clinics and also enables us to act fast on opportunities for business growth.

Terry Harmon
CEO of Universal Men’s Clinic

The Power of the Platform

With Quickbase, UMC can facilitate the best possible patient experience while at the same time providing the staff with easier and more efficient ways to work. One such example of this is automated communications, which has dramatically reduced back and forth calls and emails between patient and staff. It functions by automatically sending out e-mail or text messages for appointment scheduling and then recording confirmations within the system for instant visibility.

Once a patient arrives a clinic, not much (if any) time is spent in the waiting room. This added layer of privacy is facilitated by Quickbase analysis which makes precise scheduling possible. Care coordinators are then able to provide highly individualized care supported, in part, by instantly accessible Quickbase patient management details, including office visit records, current medications, past and present treatment programs and prescription schedules.

“Typical insurance-based medicine caters to the masses; concierge medicine caters to the individual,” explains Harmon. “Quickbase puts the right data at our fingertips to help us make that happen.”

Terry Harmon
CEO of Universal Men’s Clinic

Quickbase also saves everyone’s time by cutting down on data re-entry. For example, intake information, such as name, address, age, etc., is collected on an iPad and immediately fed into the system. It can then be used to populate subsequent eForms so the patient doesn’t have to start from scratch with every new document sent. Developed in conjunction with Quickbase Solution provider, Juiced Technologies, Inc., this automated feature not only creates eForms customized for each patient but also makes signing and returning them faster and more convenient with online DocuSign functionality.

Medical Professional with Patient

On the business side, Quickbase is enabling the accounting department to run very lean. Because AR and AP data, journal entries, and balance sheets are entered into Quickbase from each clinic and automatically sent to QuickBooks via a Quickbase API, it only takes four people to “keep the books” for thirteen businesses.

Other big advantages include the high level of security Quickbase provides, which is mandated for healthcare facilities handling sensitive patient data, along with scalability on demand to support a growing business.

There's no way a private business my size could get the level of security that Quickbase automatically provides with the platform. It enables me to securely house patient data and finely control who sees what at the clinic level—and that keeps us in compliance with HIPAA regulations. We also couldn’t have scaled the way we did or continue our accelerated expansion without QuickBase.

Terry Harmon
CEO of Universal Men’s Clinic