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UBM Americas Streamlines Project Management with Quickbase Using Built-in Salesforce Integration

UBM Americas needed to get its CRM system (Salesforce) and client services project management system (Quickbase) working together more closely. With more than 80 new projects per month, retyping data from Salesforce into Quickbase required significant manual entry and opened the door to human error. The release of Quickbase Sync — a built-in Quickbase feature enabling no-code integration with several top cloud apps — gave UBM Americas a simple way to automate much of that process, reducing human error and freeing the Client Services and Delivery Operations team to spend its time in more valuable ways.


  • Manual effort required to create new projects causing project delays
  • Errors caused by manual data entry slow project execution
  • Duplication of data wastes employee time


  • Quickbase Sync for Cloud Apps to streamline project creation process
  • Triggers and notifications in Quickbase alert project managers to new project


  • Faster project creation speeds up execution and improves customer satisfaction
  • Estimated 20 hours per month time savings, enabling Client Services team to deliver more value
  • Error-free information transfer between sales and Client Services ensures smoother execution and timely delivery

UBM Americas delivers engaging marketing experiences for event and media brands in almost every industry. The Client Services and Delivery Operations team serves a majority of these brands within UBM. With 90-100 new client projects using Quickbase every month, the Client Services and Delivery Operations group specializes in delivering quality results with speed and agility. Managing the high volume of customer requests and projects requires coordination across several teams and technologies. Any gap in the process opens the door to errors and may impact the team's ability to deliver on time.

Recently UBM Americas needed to close a gap between its Salesforce CRM solution and its Quickbase project management solution. Specifically, the team needed to automate the creation of a new project in Quickbase when specific types of deals were closed in Salesforce. At the time, the Client Services team at UBM Americas would manually create a new project in Quickbase, copying and pasting data from 15 different fields in Salesforce — time better dedicated elsewhere, and an activity that could open the door to error.

The team found its solution in Quickbase Sync for Cloud Apps. With built-in, code-free integration with Salesforce, Quickbase Sync for Cloud Apps enabled the UBM Client Services team to automate many redundancies in the process, saving time and reducing errors from manual data entry.

"Quickbase Sync for Cloud Apps has helped us streamline the project creation process, which has been a big time saver. Previously, the team had to create a new project in Quickbase from scratch, manually retyping information that was already in Salesforce, then emailing the program manager an insertion order," says Joanna Schreck, Integrated Programs & Systems Manager at UBM Americas. "Now all that data from Salesforce is automatically pulled into Quickbase and automated emails alert our Client Services and Delivery Operation team that there is a new project."

How it Works

To get this process working smoothly, Schreck first worked with the Salesforce team leader to diagram the correct flow of data. The Salesforce team created a custom field in Salesforce that indicated whether or not that closed deal was required to be passed into Quickbase.

Schreck and team then configured Quickbase Sync to pull relevant data from Salesforce into Quickbase on an hourly basis (Quickbase Sync can be configured to automatically refresh data hourly, daily, or weekly). Filters allowed the team to target only the Salesforce records that were marked by the custom Quickbase project field.

Because the relevant data was then available in the Quickbase app, creating a new project was as easy as selecting the corresponding insertion order number from a dropdown list. For UBM Americas, Quickbase now automatically populates data such as client information, the sales team, a description of the product and brand, any notes, revenue associated with the project, and more, saving time and effort from manual entry and allowing the team to onboard more programs faster. Once the project is created in Quickbase and assigned, a custom automatic notification alerts the program management team that a new project has been entered.

Schreck estimates that this automated system saves about 15 minutes of data entry per project. At a conservative estimate of 80 new projects per month, that's a savings of 20 hours per month for the Client Services team. Plus, the automated system reduces errors that arise from manual inputs.

"Quickbase Sync for Cloud Apps has helped us streamline the new project creation process and saved our team time. The ability to work with the same data across two different cloud systems means we can continue to improve how we deliver for our customers," says Schreck.