Turtle & Hughes Automates Supply Chain Business with Quickbase

We wanted a more modern and automated way to conduct business.

Joseph Gill, Turtle & Hughes

Turtle & Hughes Case Study

Turtle & Hughes Automates Supply Chain Business with Quickbase

When Turtle & Hughes outgrew spreadsheets and emails to manage its customers' supply chain operations, the company turned to Quickbase.


  • Supply chain visibility and rapid reporting impeded by emails, spreadsheets, and PDF files
  • Difficulty communicating with a widespread North American workforce by email


  • Quickbase as a mobile-ready, cloud-based collaboration platform
  • Central platform for aggregating data from multiple ERP and other systems
  • Project management apps to track progress and speed time-to-completion


  • 3 to 4 times increase in analyst capacity
  • Improved visibility across MRO supply chain operations
  • Automated, customized reporting

The Challenge

Whether it's getting the best price to making sure materials are available when and where needed, Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply (THIS) has been driving greater savings and efficiency for leading companies (from automotive to personal care) for over 20 years.

Successfully managing the buying and procurement activities of customers' MRO (Maintenance, Repair, & Operations) supply chains requires fast and effective communications. But as the company continued to grow, spreadsheets, PDFs, and emails were becoming bottlenecks to information exchange with customers and THIS employees working internally or at their sites.

"Email was not the most effective way to communicate with our decentralized North American workforce, and compiling spreadsheets and PDFs to report back to customers took a lot of time and effort," says Joseph Gill, Manager of Business Reports & Analytics at THIS. "We wanted a more modern and automated way to conduct business."

The Solution

The Quickbase platform appealed to Gill for many reasons. It's flexible enough to quickly and easily build internal and customer-facing apps using familiar spreadsheet and database skills. It's cloud-based and mobile ready, meaning information can be stored, manipulated, and accessed at any time, from anywhere, on any device. It can import data from both internal and external ERP systems, making it easy, for instance, to load a customer's budget and track it against monthly spend. It's also agile. Project management apps can be spun up at a moment's notice, enabling the company to scale quickly to meet demand and seamlessly track progress for consistently reliable outcomes, no micromanagement required.

"We have branded Quickbase in our organization as the 'THISone' portal because nearly everything that our customers or employees need to know is on there and easily accessible," says Gill.

The Benefits

The ability to quickly create Quickbase apps to solve pressing business problems has been transformational for THIS and its customers. For example, Gill built an Accounts Payable issue tracker on Quickbase that automated a time-consuming expense report correction process, shrinking resolution time from weeks to days. Automated alerts, processes, and workflows have made the company's supply chain analysts so efficient that instead of one account, they can easily manage three or four. And everything can be done in the office or in the field by laptop, tablet, or phone.

With their own customized Quickbase dashboards, customers can log into the secure THISone portal and instantly access information on their spend, savings, vendors, and other records. A fast and interactive way to find and view data just as they want to see it optimizes their user experience. Custom reports that used to take hours or days are now automatically compiled in minutes and stored on a report service. Customers can access the latest one as easily as something published years ago, or even request (and quickly get) an entirely new report.

"Quickbase has enabled us to raise the bar on accountability, continuity, and responsiveness," says Gill. "Our customers also benefit from greater visibility across everything from how much they are spending to what we're saving them each month."

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