TomTom Tracks GPS Sales in Every Direction with Quickbase

We needed CRM and lead management. The fact that Quickbase is one product that accommodates both really well is priceless.

Rob Donahue, TomTom

Tom Tom Case Study

TomTom Tracks GPS Sales in Every Direction with Quickbase

For TomTom, the world's leading navigation technology company, meeting the needs of two different sales organizations with different processes presented a steep challenge. After struggling with a slow, inefficient customer relationship management (CRM) system, TomTom implemented Quickbase to serve both the Business Sales and B2B resellers more effectively. The results are fewer dropped leads on the Business Sales side and higher conversions on the B2B reseller side.


  • Spreadsheets did not ensure complete distributor and reseller information
  • Existing retail CRM was slower than desired
  • Retail distributor re-authorization process was manual and not as efficient as it should be
  • Limited insight into leads turned over to resellers


  • Online CRM application automatically captures updated retail distributor data
  • Dedicated URL is used to capture and store US and Canadian retail distributor data
  • Centralized system for lead management streamlines Business Sales tasks
  • Online accessibility for Business Sales resellers to track and follow through on leads


  • Four manual steps were eliminated from the retail sales distributor re-authorization process
  • Retail sales reduced errors on incomplete authorization forms by 20%
  • 25% of B2B resellers converted to the system, speeding up lead processing
  • B2B sales uses less time to monitor and follow up on reseller activity

Technology innovation, ease of use and superior safety have made TomTom the world's leading navigation solutions provider. Managing its operations and sales teams well keeps TomTom on the road to success. With national U.S. distributors for Retail Sales and a growing Business Sales operation, TomTom needed a Web-based application to manage data for both groups — a tall order as the retail and B2B requirements were vastly different. TomTom's Retail Sales department needed a CRM to routinely capture authorization data from its distributors, a timeintensive manual process that didn't guarantee complete or accurate data. Meanwhile, B2B sales wanted a better way to manage leads through its network of resellers.

TomTom tried using spreadsheets to complete the two disparate tasks, but the spreadsheets did not ensure data accuracy, and only one person could access a file at a time. After abandoning this method, TomTom deployed the same web-based software solution that its European offices were using, but that solution couldn't scale and slowed productivity. What's more, neither the spreadsheets nor newly deployed solution delivered all the functionality that both retail and B2B sales required.

"Within six months, our U.S. sales team completely abandoned the new solution because the system was slow and sluggish. Page loads were incredibly long, taking 15 seconds or more. Plus, our Business Sales team needed something very different to the pre-packed CRM solution we were given to meet their specific needs," said Rob Donahue, TomTom's Business Sales Channel Manager.

Functionality and Flexibility Gets Productivity Back on Track

TomTom explored various solutions, but found general functionality to be limited and pricing high. The combination of functionality, flexibility and affordability led TomTom to choose Quickbase to replace the existing solution for the U.S.-based sales operations.

On the retail side of the sales department, Wendy Bosworth, Sales Manager, used Quickbase to build a highly customized online CRM application that automated TomTom's distributor re-authorization process. The Quickbase application replaced the paper-based system with an online form linked to a unique URL that could be emailed to distributors.

Once resellers completed the form, the data was in the system and only had to be verified by TomTom to complete the authorization process.

"With Quickbase, the process was really streamlined because we didn't have to wait for authorization data to filter down from the distributors and back to us. As soon as the data was in the system, we were automatically notified and could validate it," explained Bosworth. "Now that Quickbase allows us to create required fields, we now receive complete forms with all of the data we need to collect. Previously we would receive partial forms where resellers missed or skipped important sections. These forms were often denied and the reseller was forced to resubmit a complete form."

Saving time wasn't the only benefit of online authorization. The tool was so flexible and adaptable that TomTom was able to capture its Canadian distributor's data with the same process without having to set up a new application. A dedicated URL linked to a revised form was all that was needed for the task.

TomTom's Business Sales automation and lead management application was equally successful. Donahue tweaked one of the ready-made Quickbase templates to create an application that manages leads right through to sales conversion. Instead of handing leads over to resellers via email, never to know how (or if) they converted, TomTom uses their Quickbase sales management application to monitor all B2B leads that come from the phone and Web site and then assign them to the appropriate resellers. Resellers are automatically notified when a lead is in the system, and are granted access to the application so that they, too, can use Quickbase to manage the sales process. All the while, TomTom is monitoring resellers' progress with the leads — including close rates.

"We are actually gaining insight into our resellers — and the quality of the leads — by giving them access to our Quickbase application. Doing that with other solutions would be cost-prohibitive because the license fees are more expensive per user," said Donahue.

Automation Yields Enterprise Business Benefits

Both retail and business sales initiatives at TomTom are right on track with Quickbase. With an automated online CRM, the retail sales department has been able to remove at least four manual steps from the reseller re-authorization process, saving about 75 hours each month over the manual application process. What's more, the web-based applications are more accurate because forms require data to be entered and fields cannot be left blank, eliminating the incidence of incomplete forms.

TomTom's B2B sales operations are also more effective, now that the sales team has the insight needed to better evaluate leads. With Quickbase, Donahue and his team can see where leads are being generated, monitor reseller follow-up and track conversion back to sales efforts. The process is so efficient, streamlined and easy to use that 50% of TomTom's resellers have accepted the invitation to use the application.

While Quickbase is a hosted solution, it's not generic. TomTom is able to have its own domain, giving the web-based application the TomTom branding, delivering a high level of comfort and security to B2B and retail resellers who log into the system.

The company was also able to reap the benefits of Quickbase without complex user training or changing the way employees did their jobs. All the tasks remained the same, but were simply automated, saving time and improving productivity.

"Our retail sales needed CRM and our B2B sales required lead management. The fact that Quickbase is one product that accommodates both of these requirements really well is priceless," says Donahue.

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