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Schwickerts Tecta America Streamlines Time Cards and More with Quickbase

Roofing and manufacturing company drives continuous improvement with Quickbase, building solutions to solve time card tracking, scheduling, project tracking and more.


  • Manual time card entry, collection, and bookkeeping
  • Cumbersome paper and spreadsheet-based processes


  • Streamline time card submissions and processing with a customized app built on Quickbase
  • Improve information access and automate workflows between multiple systems
  • Fast, easy development and on-the-fly updates


  • Time savings from time card entries and reporting processes
  • Connected ecosystem of apps eliminates daily stresses and improves productivity
  • Advanced scheduling, automated records, and weather data at the ready

Modern Solutions to Old School Problems

With roots that extend back to the early 1900's, Schwickerts Tecta America is a roofing and architectural metals contractor and fabricator with a top-notch reputation throughout the Midwest and beyond. The firm's longevity and growth are driven by consistent, quality outcomes across multiple trades, backed by the latest tools, techniques, and materials. But like many companies, staff on the front lines were overrun with paper- and spreadsheet-based processes that made their jobs harder than they had to be.

We wanted to turn all those manual, day-to-day tasks into ones with standardized, automated workflows. We also needed an easier way to get at, share, and report on data from across the business.

Kenyon Thompson
IT Manager at Schwickerts

Streamlining Business Processes

Schwickerts turned to Quickbase for its speed of development and cost-effectiveness. Because Quickbase apps can be built quickly with no servers to spin up and no coding required Thompson saw an opportunity to solve business problems fast.

Thompson started by building a Quickbase app to help the company's 100 field-based employees submit time cards more easily. Not only did the app enable field workers to submit their hours through an easy-to-use interface available on any device via the cloud, it also streamlined the process of consolidating and reporting on that data an effort that previously required multiple days of work from four different people.

Death By 1000 Processes Case Study

The success of that first Quickbase app fueled the development of many more. Two years later, the ecosystem of Quickbase apps has steadily expanded into new areas. Now everyone from the sales team to project managers to HR personnel are using Quickbase to track and manage leads, projects, and even job candidates. And they are fielding more opportunities and producing consistently successful outcomes with less time and effort.

The more Quickbase solutions we introduced, the faster word spread. The time card app not only made everyone's lives easier, but it also made a strong and positive first impression on management.

Kenyon Thompson
IT Manager at Schwickerts

How it Works

Quickbase has become Schwickerts' go-to system for continuous improvement. The native features of Quickbase provide plenty of opportunity to build new tools to solve old problems quickly and efficiently.

Streamlined workflows, up-to-the-minute dashboards with automated alerts and notifications, and near instant reporting are big selling points for people dealing with the constant chaos of hand-written forms and spreadsheets. With Quickbase they're no longer hunting for data in multiple places; they're not emailing people when it's time for them to do their part; and it only takes minutes to compile a custom report.

Kenyon Thompson
IT Manager at Schwickerts

The company also relies on advanced Quickbase features like Webhooks and APIs to create automated actions across multiple apps and integrate data from outside systems to make field workers' jobs easier. For example, Thompson built an API integration that pulls weather data into daily reports.

What I really like about Quickbase is that you don't have to be a professional programmer or spend thousands of dollars and a lot of time to create and maintain a powerful app. It's helped us turned difficult into easy in so many places, and we're not done yet.

Kenyon Thompson
IT Manager at Schwickerts