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Planet DDS Scales Practice Management Services with Quickbase

Planet DDS provides web-based dental practice management applications that are trusted by thousands of dental professionals nationwide. It also offers outsourced insurance billing services, known generically as Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), which streamline a dental practices billing procedures and speed the collection of insurance receivables. The companys groundbreaking products and services give dentists low-cost access to advanced solutions for improving the administration, quality and profitability of their dental practices. To automate its RCM services, Planet DDS built an app on Quickbase that enables the company to manage a remote workforce, facilitate the gathering of specific insurance information, create customer reports and customer invoices, and integrate seamlessly with their practice management application.


  • Spreadsheet-based system for storing patient eligibility data didnt scale with increased demand
  • Insurance eligibility data needed to be pushed out to dental office practice management system
  • Response to dental client requests had to be managed and monitored
  • Insurance eligibility claims required timely and consistent follow-up
  • Payments and invoices needed to be created based on work performed


  • Quickbase app for tracking insurance eligibility data from request to client delivery
  • Report generation details service request information and progress
  • Online data storage gives remote agents access to updated eligibility data in real time
  • Alerts, notifications and reminders trigger action needed on claim follow-up
  • Centralized data access lets supervisors monitor agent accuracy and performance


  • Reduced agent time spent on insurance eligibility data gathering
  • Improved information quality due to real-time transaction auditing
  • Agent management simplified with online tracking and control
  • Finances and profitability insight improved with more flexible billing

Based in Irvine, California, Planet DDS is an industry-leading provider of cloud-based apps for managing every aspect of a dental practice including the important task of collecting and validating patient insurance eligibility information thats critical for practice revenue. At first, this data gathering effort was a highly manual task that required Planet DDS fleet of remote service agents to call insurance companies to collect patient reimbursement data for their dental clients.

But timing is everything, as agents must have the insurance information to the dental offices within 48 hours of a scheduled patient appointment. On any given day, close to 100 Planet DDS agents updated as many as 10,000 patient records for their dental clients. Yet as quickly as the agents worked, the spreadsheets they were using to capture and share eligibility and insurance data couldnt keep pace with increased demand.

We had collected hundreds of thousands of insurance records, and we needed to make that data accessible to our agents and push it out to the practice management application, where it could be accessed by our dental clients, says Bill Jackson, vice president of business development.

Whats more, Planet DDS needed to bill clients and pay agents based on the number of service request transactions that were completed.

With our data in spreadsheets, we couldnt effectively track how many transactions were completed in a day, and we certainly couldnt perform quality reviews on that information, explains Jackson.

Quickbase app makes routine data collection easy

Planet DDS built an insurance benefits app on Quickbase to give agents fast, easy access to the employer-level dental benefits information in one central location. Agents could now access stored eligibility and reimbursement information without having to call insurance companies for every new record that came into the practice management system. With insurance benefits data managed centrally online, Planet DDS can track when a request is received, when it is completed and trigger alerts when a request is falling behind schedule.

Invoices can be generated based on the transactions performed for each dental client and Planet DDS can run reports to evaluate payments versus revenue.

I want to know at a moments notice what our billing was for the past month and get details on how we arrived at that billing, says Jackson.

Process efficiency keeps customers smiling

Since implementing Quickbase, Planet DDS has reduced the number of calls that agents have to make to insurance companies, saving time and speeding the process of responding to dental client requests for patient eligibility confirmation.

As its remote agent base increases, Planet DDS can manage its workforce more accurately now that it can track the number of transactions performed and audit those transactions for quality in real time.

We werent able to manage our agents effectively before Quickbase. Now we have true accountability into how many agent transactions are completed and how accurate that information is, says Jackson.

Billing is more precise now that Planet DDS can create invoices based on actual work performed thats tracked within the Quickbase app, giving more financial insight into how revenue is trending.

And customer satisfaction has been improved now that Planet DDS has a more customized approach to responding to dental office requests with the right information at the right time, says Jackson.

Were absolutely committed to getting accurate information to our dental offices two days prior to the patient appointment, and Quickbase is the product we use to do that.