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JUMP Grows Its Business Faster with Quickbase

Like many businesses, JUMP’s success ultimately led to organizational challenges as functional siloes and system complexity prevented company leaders from accessing and sharing critical information. To streamline its operations, JUMP built a suite of business applications on the Quickbase platform to manage everything from call records, sales opportunities, and more. The results are streamlined workloads, data-driven decisions, and an increase in customer expansion.


  • Difficulty extracting and sharing data from multiple systems
  • Lack of insight into sales activities and other business processes


  • Quickbase as a powerful analytics engine for sales close rates
  • Replaces disparate systems with a single source of truth
  • Core operational system throughout the business


  • Streamlines and automates daily work for all employees
  • Enhanced decision making based on greater insight into all aspects of the business
  • Streamlines expansion and the ability to take advantage of new opportunities

The Challenges

Small businesses looking to optimize their online presence are increasingly turning to JUMP’s popular new SaaS platform. Its tools simplify the management of customer reviews, social media, and directory listings.

When the company first began, staff and leadership relied on multiple systems to run the business. However, system complexity and siloed data got in the way of freely sharing information. It was difficult for employees to analyze data in ways that could help improve sales and customer experience. The team needed a centralized hub of accessible, real-time data, and tools to better monitor and manage it.

“In my previous job, one of our competitors was successfully using Quickbase to help expand their business and our company began using it,” says Nathan Call, CPO of JUMP. “When I joined JUMP, the first thing I did was implement Quickbase to help its business grow too.”

The Solution

Early on at JUMP , Call started by building a Quickbase app that automatically extracted call statistics from the company’s phone system dialer, and instantly turned them into charts and graphs. Trends began to appear that showed what activities were helping or hindering sales.

“I remember the day the CEO walked past my screen and saw all the call data being updated live through the API with Quickbase,” says Call. “He was impressed by how easily Quickbase collected those stats and turned them into actionable data that we never had before.”

Call began canvassing the office learning how people were using different systems to perform their jobs. Then he began creating Quickbase apps that helped open the doors to systems integration while modernizing and automating processes throughout the business. In addition to making work days much easier and more productive for the staff, every app he created on the platform also meant more information in one accessible place.

“I wanted Quickbase to become our single source of truth, and the only way I was going to do that was to get more people using the platform in more areas,” says Call. “The fastest way to adoption was to show them how much simpler it made their jobs.”

The Benefits

Today, all 70 employees within JUMP HQ, use Quickbase to optimize efficiency and effectiveness—from Sales and CRM to Finance and HR.

Automating activity tracking within Quickbase has made it easy to see who has touched a prospect or customer record, what things have been done, and what actions still need to be performed. Because no potential sale or opportunity to better serve a customer falls through the cracks the business is well positioned to maximize its success and growth potential. Leadership is also able to guide the business in more impactful ways. Deep visibility into accounts, finances, locations served, and other pertinent details are easily served up in custom reports with a few mouse clicks.

With JUMP’s recent explosive growth of over 500%, the company has relied on Quickbase to scale operations and allow the business to expand and grow quickly. It is more crucial than ever to have a platform that is versatile enough to scale and keep up with the demands of the business and its employees.

“One of the coolest things about Quickbase is that it has enabled us to innovate and grow right from the start,” says Call. “Unlike many point systems that require lots of human capital and money, and make you do things their way, Quickbase gives us both the flexibility and the ability to multiply what each of us can do so we can grow better, faster, and bigger.”