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Direct Line Tele Response Automates Operations with Quickbase

Direct Line Tele Response is an inbound call center that sought to modernize operations in order to serve its customers better. With Quickbase, Direct Line has a fast, flexible operational platform for continuous business improvement.


  • Answering and messaging service needed to modernize operations
  • Automate multi-step processes and workflows to improve efficiency and quality of service
  • Minimize human error, data omissions, and task scheduling issues


  • Quickbase as a platform for improving enterprise-wide efficiency and client satisfaction
  • Easy-to-build Quickbase Automations that seamlessly execute actions


  • Elimination of time-consuming manual record creation in an internal QC system
  • Freeing up customer care specialists' time by automating ticket management
  • Removing the pain points in workflows that people use on a regular basis
  • Rapidly building more custom automations to benefit more areas of the business

The Challenges

Every call counts for Direct Line Tele Response, a nationally-recognized inbound call and messaging center that also provides outbound emergency dispatch and other services to over 800 clients. Exceptional client experiences, backed by a highly trained staff and cutting-edge technology, are central to the company brand.

When Direct Line sought to modernize its operations to deliver even better service to its clients, it turned to Quickbase. Quickbase enabled the company to build core operational apps like CRM, HR, and Help Desk, on one flexible, reliable platform. For the last five years, Quickbase has been a key facilitator in competitively differentiating the company's service offerings.

The Solution

Quickbase has become synonymous with operational simplicity and ease, helping Direct Line raise the bar on productivity and modernize functions like project and inventory tracking and process control. It has also optimized Direct Line's ability to integrate with even the most complex systems via Quickbase API calls, and enables customers to customize consumption of its services in ways its competitors cannot.

When Quickbase released its Automations feature, the Direct Line team saw an opportunity to automate their critical processes even faster.

"I've always wanted to learn how to program magic buttons' where you could, for example, click a button to instantly assign a ticket to a person or automatically add a note to an existing action," says John Freire, IT director at Direct Line. "With Quickbase Automations I've been able to automate a whole bucket of tools in just the past few weeks. It's that easy."

Quickbase Automations are enhancing Direct Line's ability to serve by shaving even more time off multi-step processes and workflows like agent monitoring, tracking tickets, and logging and reporting. One button triggers or programmed actions that occur on a schedule, when data changes, or when certain parameters are met, can now be set up in minutes without writing any code.

The Benefits

The benefits of process automation at Direct Line are many. The company has seen improvements in several key areas including automated generation and tracking of call scores, faster issue resolution from support tickets, and access to information-rich dashboards for team members and executives.

"By using these pre-programed buttons we're saving minutes a day on many tasksand all of that adds up," says Alex Molochko, applications specialist and systems coordinator at Direct Line. "Quickbase Automations enable us to reduce the check list of things our staff has to do, which not only helps eliminate their pain points but also promotes faster adoption of the workflows we want them to use."

The steady release of new product features in Quickbase has helped inspire the Direct Line team to find new challenges to solve. The next frontier is automating key sales activities.

"The rollout of new Quickbase features — like simplified workflow automations — enables us to continually innovate in ways that help us deliver more value to our business and our clients," says Molochko.