CTC Transportation Insurance Services

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CTC Transportation Insurance Services Keeps a Diverse Business Nimble with Quickbase

CTC is company on the rise, but tracking, managing, and reporting on an increasing amount of highly-regulated data was almost impossible without a custom solution. Quickbase empowered CTC to build a solution to meet its exact needs with minimal investment, driving rapid innovation and fast access to critical information.


  • Scaling processes to support rapid growth
  • No single source of truth on data from multiple systems
  • Lowered data integrity due to data entry human error
  • Lack of executive visibility into key information


  • Quickbase selected as a no-code platform for developing custom solutions
  • One platform to store and report on all key data from multiple systems
  • Standardized workflows to keep processes moving


  • A better, faster way to pinpoint risk for optimized profitability
  • Live data feeds on departmental TVs keep everyone informed
  • Improved reporting for better decisions and presentations
  • Setting the business apart with ongoing innovation

The Challenges

CTC Transportation Insurance Services is a company on the rise, nearly doubling the number of premiums written since the business began using Quickbase in 2015. Driving its expansion is the ability to work across a range of businesses it owns and partners withfrom other carriers to ratings agencies. They enable CTC to deliver a broad portfolio of competitive, quality services.

Prior to 2015, CTCs unique infrastructure and sustained growth posed challenges for efficiently tracking, managing, and accurately reporting on all the heavily-regulated data housed and exchanged by the firm. To bridge the gap between major systems, CTC needed a way to standardize, integrate, and automate data collection, storage, and processes across all departments, companies, and partner organizations.

"People were desperate for a better, more efficient, and more connected way to work," says Stephanie Devine, operations manager at CTC.

The Solution

The CTC team knew it needed to build highly-customized applications to support its requirements, but past experience with outsourced development meant it would need a new approach. Lucas Perea, head of IT at CTC, discovered Quickbase and rallied company leaders around the idea that a no-code platform would give the organization the flexibility it needed to create tailored solutions without the expense and risk of traditional app development.

"As a Managing General Agency were unique, and so our solution had to be as well," says Perea. "An out-of-the-box solution wasnt going to work for us. Today, literally everyone in the company uses Quickbase to quickly access data and manage their work across the enterprise."

The Benefits

The benefits of Quickbase at CTC go well beyond having a cost-effective platform for quickly developing applications. Because CTC was able to improve the integrity of its data and processes with Quickbase, it was able to reduce overall riskan important goal for all companies, but a critical one for insurance companies.

For example, the ability to quickly analyze merged policy data from separate systems gives underwriters the insight they need to assess the risk of a potential client. CTC has also been able to track highly granular information such as weight limit violations or truckers hours of operation and trigger an inspection when necessary. All key company information is kept highly visible on monitors in each department displaying relevant Quickbase dashboardsand getting the right information to the right executives has never been easier.

"We can quickly put reports into senior managements hands that they wouldnt have imagined possible a few years ago," says Perea.

Overall, CTC has not only benefited from solving existing challenges but is also able to quickly deliver new problem-solving solutions and innovations. Having Quickbase means Pereas team can respond right away to requests and continue to drive big value to the business.

"Quickbase helps us stay nimble and innovative," says Devine. "My inbox is proof positive that Quickbase is successful within our company. Its always full because someone's always thinking of some new way to use it."