"We finally have control of our customer service."

Daniel Carvallo

Cura Deuda Delivers Awesome Customer Service with Quick Base Sync

As a fast-growing provider of debt relief services in Mexico, Cura Deuda has offered thousands of customers peace of mind. However, as its customer base grew, Cura Deuda needed to streamline its process for managing customer service calls. With Quick Base Sync for Cloud Apps, Cura Deuda was able to integrate Zendesk and Quick Base to deliver higher quality customer service, increased capacity for handling support cases, and highly granular reporting.


  • Manual process for tracking customer service activities
  • Difficulty tracking email communications with customers
  • Little or no management insight into actual activities v. logged activities


  • Quick Base app for tracking and reporting on customer service activities
  • Zendesk for managing ticketing, assignments, and customer satisfaction
  • Quick Base Sync for Cloud Apps for automatic syncing of data from Zendesk into Quick Base for fast, real-time reporting and analytics


  • 8% increase in customer satisfaction (from 89% to 96%)
  • 2X increase in customer service rep capacity
  • 80% reduction in average time to resolution
  • Automated tracking of all customer service activities
  • Elimination of lost or unreported customer interactions
  • Greater insights on rep performance with granular reporting

When your business is helping people out of debt, customer service is critical for success. At Cura Deuda, a debt relief agency based in Mexico, a commitment to serving the customer has led to fast growth.

But with that growth came challenges in scaling customer service operations. The company tracks all customer service activities in a central Quick Base app where all key customer data is stored. However, effectively tracking customer service activities relied on manual inputs from customer service reps. Every email or phone call had to be logged individually, creating excess work for the customer service team and putting management at the mercy of each rep's dedication to logging activities.

To solve the challenge, Cura Deuda looked for a dedicated online customer service management application that could be connected to both Quick Base and Gmail (the company's email platform) to automate the process. The company found its customer service solution with Zendesk, which includes built-in Gmail integration. However, building a custom integration between Zendesk and Quick Base was daunting at first, because the company lacked the in-house technical skills to build a manual integration and hiring a partner to do the work was too costly and required too much dependency on third-party resources.

With the introduction of Quick Base Sync for Cloud Apps, however, Cura Deuda was able to build an integration solution that capitalizes on the best of Zendesk and Quick Base with no coding required. Quick Base Sync for Cloud Apps is a built-in feature of Quick Base that enables automated updates from popular cloud apps into Quick Base.

The result is an integrated solution that reduces manual data entry, boosts the quality of Cura Deuda's customer service, and doubles the capacity of each rep to handle more customer requests.

"We finally have control of our customer service," says Daniel Carvallo, co-founder of Cura Deuda. "We're no longer dependent on agent input, and they can now handle more requests than before."


About Quick Base Sync for Cloud Apps

Quick Base Sync for Cloud Apps is a Quick Base integration feature that enables you to connect to other cloud apps and services with just a few clicks. Read more

Scaling Customer Service with the Business

Carvallo and Javier Ruiz Galindo Gutierrez founded Cura Deuda three years ago to help people in their native Mexico deal with debt problems resulting from health issues, job losses, and other factors. Most of Cura Deuda's customers see debt reductions of 70% or greater.

Quick Base has been there from the beginning. Starting with a customer relationship management (CRM) app for tracking leads, opportunities, and sales activities, the company added customer tracking and customer service functionality to Quick Base so it could manage every aspect of the customer lifecycle from one place.

As the company grew, it became clear that the company needed to scale its customer service infrastructure to support the additional workload.

The primary challenge was to overcome the pitfalls of manual data entry. To track all customer service activities, each rep would have to manually enter each activity into the Quick Base app. For phone calls, that meant summarizing each call. For emails, that meant manually cutting and pasting email text into an activity or otherwise summarizing the email exchange.

"As we grew, the chance of us missing information grew too," says Carvallo. "For example, if a customer calls in and speaks with someone for 30 minutes, the rep had to record everything said into Quick Base. If there was a back-and-forth via email, not all of the information was captured in Quick Base. The context could be lost."

Even worse, if a customer wanted to complain about the service he or she was given, it would be up to that rep to report it himself in the Quick Base app.

It was clear to Carvallo that Cura Deuda needed a system that offered best-in-class management of customer service requests and the ability to track all activities for robust reporting.


Zendesk and Quick Base Working in Sync

Zendesk, an online software solution for customer service management, offered the right functionality for assigning and managing support tickets, capturing email communications, and gauging customer satisfaction. However, the company also wanted to track all customer service data in Quick Base, which serves as a central repository and reporting engine for all customer data.

By using Quick Base Sync for Cloud Apps to connect Quick Base and Zendesk, Cura Deuda was able to get the best of both worlds. Carvallo was able to get the two systems sharing data automatically with just a few clicks — no coding required.

"Creating the connection from Quick Base to Zendesk was very intuitive and easy. As a business manager, I was able to set up the connection by myself," says Carvallo.

Now, customer service requests are forwarded automatically to a group email, triggering a support ticket in Zendesk. All subsequent emails are then logged in that support case in Zendesk, which also manages customer satisfaction surveys. Because Zendesk is connected to Quick Base via Quick Base Sync for Cloud Apps, every activity is automatically uploaded to Quick Base and linked to the appropriate customer record.

"The icing on the cake is that we can quickly create reports in Quick Base from information pulled out of Zendesk," says Carvallo. "For example, we can see a complete breakdown of each rep's response time and customer satisfaction rating."

And the work is paying off. Since implementing the new solution, Cura Deuda's customer service satisfaction rating has grown from an already high 89% to a world-class 96%.

The complete solution powered by Quick Base Sync for Cloud Apps has enabled Cura Deuda to gain better insights into its customer service processes and spend less time on each support case. The average time to resolution has dropped by 80%, which has doubled the capacity for Cura Deuda's customer service reps to handle requests and enabled them to spend more time on other customer-centric activities.

"We can now increase the number of customers each rep can handle every day. This is the foundation we need to keep growing our business and serving more customers," says Carvallo.

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