At Quandary Consulting Group, we know the sale happens in the room. Overcomplicated CRM systems with tiresome data entry and repetitive updates get in the way of landing new clients.

peakSUITE APEX CRM keeps your sales team focused on what matters: the conversion. Effective communication and effortless follow-up create the lasting business relationships needed to maintain and grow your company.

With peakSUITE APEX CRM’s actionable insight, you can improve your sales and marketing practices. Choose between fully integrating or separating your company information, contacts, and leads, allowing you to track and connect with potential clients easily. No matter the source. And find out where your best leads come from, empowering your sales team to target those markets directly.

Track leads and contacts by revenue and activity with a simple, intuitive tracking platform. Provide individual breakdowns of sales by month, quarter, and year. Improve focus and efficiency by limiting team member access to associated contacts only, reducing clutter. And empower your sales reps to create notes and update client information quickly on-the-go with optimization for mobile.

Sales scheduling and detailed tracking don’t have to be the result of constant, tedious data entry that ties your salespeople to a computer instead of putting them out there in front of clients where they belong. Empower your sales reps to grow your business with peakSUITE APEX CRM!

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