Maintenance and monitoring

To monitor, audit and manage the overall development pipeline and application portfolio, Quickbase offers various features such as: Platform Analytics, Audit Logs, session management, workflow activity logs, and Admin Console Sync capabilities, which provide platform and application monitoring and analytics.

Platform analytics

Platform Analytics provides detailed usage data to help manage contract entitlements and general usage. The Admin Console provides pre-built reports for users, groups, apps, permissions, etc. Data from the admin console can by synced (via QB Sync) with an app and extended with additional data to support customer-specific reporting, analysis and workflow related to cost allocation, unused apps, archiving, etc. Realm-level insights across applications further support the Realm and Account admins and their ability to manage and understand their company’s Quickbase instance.

Quickbase Sync

Quickbase Sync pulls Admin Console data, including application, user and app/user events, into an application to provide visibility into how the account is being used. This allows admins to create a unique account management applications customized to fit specific needs, such as application inventory and lifecycle manage processes and workflows. Admins do this through a connected table that is synced to the admin console, pulling over into a separate application to better manage the account.

Audit logs

Audit logs help manage platform security by capturing user events, data access, data changes and schema changes for analysis. Session management gives Admins visibility into who is logged into Quickbase with how many sessions. They can view all the active user sessions for a given user with the IP address, operating system, browser, and start time/end time. Admins will also have the ability to close all sessions for a given user, providing a valuable security benefit.