Information Security

Information Security

How does Quickbase manage information security?

One of the concerns in collaborating with external or internal parties is granting access to private information, or sharing information with different developers of different skill sets. Quickbase addresses access concerns through robust governance features that are built into the workflow, allowing seamless and secure exchange of information with the relevant parties.

Empower developers to create what they need within IT’s guidelines

Another concern of business developers and citizen developers is platform security. Quickbase understands that customers value data security, which is why the platform has a variety of access control measures — including identity management and the ability to easily assign individuals or groups privileges based on their specified development task. All data is encrypted during rest and transfer, with independent security rating agencies consistently rating Quickbase security performance ahead of the competition.

Quickbase’s in-product guardrails for citizen development offer a unique level of control and visibility to what apps are being created, what systems are being integrated, and by whom.

Quickbase also accounts for ease of use by integrating sign-on features with a company’s IT login protocols, making access quick and easy while maintaining security integrity.