Data Integrity | Platform Evaluation Guide
Quickbase Platform Evaluation Guide

Data Integrity & Security

Quickbase’s security practices simplify the data governance process for IT organizations, improving data integrity while proactively managing risk.

Data Segregation

The Quickbase multi-tenant platform segregates customer data, giving individual customer control of logical access to their data via authentication and authorization at the Realm, Account and Application layers.

Data Retention

Quickbase removes customer data from the Quickbase platform after service termination. Data will be held in Quickbase backup systems for 6 months until it is fully purged. Quickbase sends authorized customer contacts a Certificate of Data Destruction, certifying your app data is completely purged from all Quickbase systems.


Data on the Quickbase platform is encrypted in motion and at rest. Communications in motion are encrypted up to 256 bit (SHA2) TLS certificate, TLS 1.2 and 1.3. App data and file attachments are encrypted at the application layer use an AES 265 bit encryption key. For more advanced compliance needs, Quickbase offers customers realm-specific keys for an additional layer of data security.

Logging and Auditing

Operational logs from servers, devices and services are secured in a 3rd-party log management platform which performs log analysis, alerting and reporting as well as investigation capabilities for Quickbase operations, engineering and security teams.

Quickbase additionally provides Audit logs for customers to track their realm user activity, data and schema changes to applications to ensure your security standards and compliance policies are upheld. Choose to store audit logs for 6 months up to 7 years.

Data Classification

Customer-defined labels allow customers to categorize their applications based on the type of data they contain. Align with data classification strategies at your organiza- tion and provide more visibility into the data stored on the platform.