Debugging applications

Due to the basic architecture of a Quickbase application and how it is created, the classic notion of “debugging” is different than traditional understanding of the concept. It is very simple and straightforward, and removes the need for complex tools or process. The platform automatically builds the applications from the description and selections as the developer selects components of the app. In general, the application is correct by construction and does not need a separate testing and debugging process. The application is also “live” as it is being built. There is no code that is written that needs to be compiled and verified. The enables the developer to validate the different aspects of the application as it is being built. This leads to a natural iterative process for building and verifying applications, similar to most WYSISWYG platforms.

Quickbase supports “Test as User” and "Test as Role” capabilities. These enable builders to verify the proper functioning of the application for the different users or types of users that will access the application. This is of particular importance when applications have role based permissions for data access.