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Easily manage everything your fast-moving business needs - from revenue numbers to product launches to job applicants - in one place from any device.

The world's most innovative companies use Quick Base to turn their ideas into business solutions

Before Quick Base

Before Qb Graphic
  • You spend days centralizing data before you can report on it
  • You have to chase people down for approvals, orders, etc.
  • You waste time on mundane, repetitive, manual tasks
  • You're moving data between multiple spreadsheets
  • Information is siloed in scattered repositories

The list goes on and on...


After Quick Base

After Qb Graphic
  • The information you need is all in one place at your fingertips
  • Gain real-time visibility into projects and data
  • Enjoy operational rhythm and get more done
  • Save time by automating manual tasks
  • Share and collaborate effortlessly

The only app-building platform that allows anyone to create better ways to work.

Achieve higher levels of productivity.

Empower your team to turn their ideas into customized problem-solving apps - no coding needed.

Gain greater insight into your performance.

Connect teams and data, everywhere at once with business database software.

Take advantage of new opportunities.

As conditions change, quickly update your apps with real-time information to gain a competitive advantage.

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See how Quick Base can help you focus on the real work and make running your business a breeze. Work with one of our Quick Base solutions consultants to discover how you can use Quick Base to cure your biggest administrative headaches and automate complex, time consuming processes.

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Put your time-consuming tasks on autopilot.

Revolutionize the way your business runs by automating slow, clunky processes with Quick Base. Build apps and automate processes without coding or hiring expensive developers. Customize every component of your apps to work how you do – workflows, forms, fields, tables, reports, and dashboards – all without coding.

Once set up, your automated workflow software runs as designed and there's no need to worry about dropped processes or ignored steps. And because our apps help managers eliminate repetitive tasks, your team can focus on what it does best.

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Easily create solutions as unique as your business.

Improve productivity and collaboration by easily and quickly creating business applications either by uploading a spreadsheet or copying and pasting data from your clipboard. Once your data is loaded in, you can visually, intuitively, and securely build an app without any coding that matches the way you work exactly. With Quick Base, anyone can be an app builder and problem solver.

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Put all your data in one place with easy integrations.

With Quick Base, you can access your data anywhere you have it stored. After an app is created, you can bring and leverage external data into your Quick Base app and keep it automatically in sync. In a few clicks, you can connect your app with other popular cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, QuickBooks Online, and more.

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"We run our entire business on Quick Base."
Tim Rowe - CEO, Cambridge Innovation Center
Quick Base customer since 2005