Quickbase for real estate contract management

Easily manage your contracts for your entire real estate portfolio in one place, including property agreements, leases, customer, and vendor contracts.

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Quickbase has given us a fast and easy way to collaborate and share data on the job.
Jesse Guadardo
Jesse Guardado
Operations Manager, Sturgeon Electric

Contract management, simplified

Find what you need in seconds

Stop wasting time digging through your desktop or shared files to find what you need. Centralize information across your entire real estate portfolio and easily access important documents such as property details, service reports and transaction documents, safely and securely.

Reduce contract admin work

Reduce redundant and meaningless admin work so teams can focus on closing deals faster. Build templates and streamline workflows with simple no-code tools from intake, contract creation, review, negotiation, execution, amendment, and renewal.

Answer any question, instantly

Act fast with real-time contract data access to protect profitability, mitigate risks, and increase business agility. Use these valuable insights to optimize your business processes for compliance, risk, and efficient execution.

Integrate with your existing systems

Continue using your existing storage, CRM, ERP, and procurement systems, and keep your familiar file and folder structures in place. Create the connective tissue you need across systems you already have, making them work harder for you.

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How does it work?

Our no-code platform lets you easily create, connect, and customize enterprise applications that fix visibility and workflow gaps without replacing a single system.
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