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Choosing the Right Commercial Real Estate Management Software

Written By: Ray Waldron
November 24, 2023
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When you’re managing a commercial real estate portfolio, the right software solution can mean the difference between control and chaos. From finding tenants and handling maintenance to calculating utilities and ensuring compliance, real estate management teams must tackle a wide range of tasks that are too complex and business-critical to manage with spreadsheets or manual processes. The right commercial real estate management software can increase efficiency by automating workflows, streamlining communication, and empowering teams to focus on higher-value, strategic activities.

The key to choosing the right software is finding a customizable solution. Because every portfolio is different and every management team has its own working style, standard off-the-shelf solutions won’t accommodate the unique needs of your team. Only fully customizable commercial real estate software will ensure that the software can adapt to the way you work and future-proof your investment for years to come.

Quickbase is a Dynamic Workplace Management platform that leverages no-code application development to allow virtually any business user to build and customize sophisticated software solutions. Offering templates and pre-built solutions for commercial real estate management software, Quickbase enables your team to easily create, connect, and customize software solutions to solve workflow gaps and simplify real estate management.

The challenges of commercial real estate management

Your commercial real estate management software must provide solutions to the biggest challenges confronting your management teams.

  • Disconnected systems. Commercial real estate management teams are constantly moving quickly to stay on top of every detail. When software for document management, project management, email, accounting, and other essential systems is not integrated, teams must spend valuable hours each day hunting for the right information or copying and pasting data from one platform to the next.

  • Inability to scale. As your business grows and takes more properties under management, you need workflows and processes that can easily scale up without increasing headcount or overwhelming management teams.

  • Difficulty containing costs. To ensure profitability, management teams must constantly keep an eye on costs and make decisions with the most up-to-date understanding of financial forecasts. Without a centralized system for collecting, monitoring, analyzing, and reporting on expenses and revenues, teams will have trouble staying on top of financial management.

  • Overwhelming data. From leases and insurance policies to inspections and maintenance records, the mountain of data generated by commercial properties can bury management teams. This volume of detail makes it difficult for teams to get a clear understanding of the status of leases, maintenance projects, deadlines, insurance coverage, and other critical details.

Commercial real estate management software from Quickbase

Quickbase is the only fully customizable, Dynamic Work Management platform using no-code that empowers employees throughout a business to improve operations and enhance collaboration with automated processes, real-time insights, and unmatched support. With Quickbase, organizations can continuously improve business processes without the cost and delays usually associated with application development.

Quickbase commercial real estate management software provides teams with comprehensive tools to manage a real estate portfolio more efficiently.

  • One location for documentation. With work orders, leases, and properties organized in one central location, real estate management teams can easily access information, track maintenance requests, find property agreements, and get notified whenever documents are changed or edited.

  • A unified view of the portfolio. Personalized dashboards provide every member of the team with the exact data they need to stay on top of projects, transactions, communication, and deadlines.

  • Instant insight into performance. Quickbase delivers quick snapshots of maintenance requests, open vacancies, inventory, and revenue to facilitate data-driven decision-making.

  • Digital workflows. With Quickbase, teams can spend less time managing paperwork and more time negotiating contracts, managing leases, ensuring compliance, and driving profitability. With automated reminders, alerts, and notifications, it’s easier to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Custom tools. Quickbase’s no-code platform means teams can build customized tools without having to invest in new technology for each project. Drag-and-drop integrations make it easy to synchronize new tools with existing technology for file management, communication, and contract management.

Along with commercial real estate management software, Quickbase provides real estate asset management software that simplifies portfolio management for real estate asset management teams.

Quickbase’s comprehensive capabilities

Along with commercial real estate management software, Quickbase offers a broad array of tools and solutions that meet specific business challenges.

  • Project management tools automate workflows, centralize data, integrate systems, and ensure projects remain organized and on track.

  • Resource managementand scheduling software delivers insight into employee and vendor capacity as well as available resources across a project portfolio.

  • Subcontractor management tools eliminate manual work for teams as they track contracts, certifications, vendor performance, and job quality.

  • Budget and financial management software provides accurate, real-time financial information to maximize profits, cut costs, and dynamically track and control every dollar.

  • Work order management capabilities deliver real-time visibility into the status of work orders and the financial impact of changes, enabling teams to make smarter decisions to manage costs and risk.

  • Portfolio management applications organize property and real estate information in one place and keep every member of the team connected.

  • Site selection and evaluation applications close visibility gaps, identify opportunities for growth, and help forecast ROI.

  • Contract tracking software improves efficiency when managing property agreements, leases, vendor contracts, and customer contracts.

  • Process improvement software continuously improves processes at the core of the business.

  • Field services software equip teams with project information in any location on any device.

  • Supply chain tools centralize and automate processes to anticipate potential issues and avoid disruption.

  • Enterprise CRM software centralizes customer data and integrates systems to track leads and update statuses from one central, customizable database.

  • Training management applications simplify the training process by monitoring progress and centralizing employee data.

Why customers choose Quickbase

The Quickbase platform is purpose-built to improve operational agility. By providing a development environment that can be used by employees with any level of coding experience, Quickbase makes it easy to create customized software solutions faster and with fewer resources.

Customers choose Quickbase for several key reasons. A secure and flexible governance framework gives IT teams control over the development process while allowing experienced developers and non-coders to build solutions to the problems they know best. Guardrails within the platform make sure that each new software project adheres to design standards, regulatory requirements, and security best practices.

Quickbase enablement services help accelerate adoption, streamline onboarding, drive innovation, and achieve ROI sooner. Technical support available 24/7 provides IT teams and users with help whenever needed.


What is commercial real estate management software?

Commercial real estate management software provides real estate teams with comprehensive tools for finding tenants, handling maintenance, tracking compliance, monitoring utilities, and performing other tasks. By automating workflows and integrating systems, commercial real estate management software can help teams to increase efficiency and ensure profitability.

What are the key features of commercial real estate management software?

Commercial real estate management software must automate many of the routine but important tasks of managing properties. Management software should also integrate systems and data throughout the company to provide managers with a 360° view of properties, deadlines, and financials. Superior solutions will allow teams to customize virtually every aspect of the software for the needs of the business and the particulars of each property.

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Written By: Ray Waldron

Ray Waldron is an Associate Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.

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