Stay on top of store redesigns & maintenance

Effectively manage new and existing facilities, track redesign projects, and access accurate data insights with Quickbase's integrated no-code solution for consumer brick and mortar real estate.

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Three ways to improve your store maintenance processes with Quickbase

1. Get a clear and accurate view of your data

Visualize your data across your organization and partnerships to ensure you're hitting execution goals for store openings, renewals, and remodels.

2. Improve workflows for new and existing property projects

Track existing and potential retail locations to capitalize on expansion opportunities and keep projects on-time and on-budget.

3. Automate your processes and proactively manage risk

Make “go” or “no-go” decisions with the right data and stakeholders. Quickly solve for pre- and post-build issues that are unique to your organization and partnerships.
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Get better data visibility

Making decisions with shared data is one of the biggest sources of wasted resources and slowed lead times. With shared dashboards, up-to-date information, and automated integrations, your team can make faster, smarter decisions not only within your organization but beyond with your key partnerships.

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Connect and integrate all your systems

No two real estate projects are alike, and each phase of the lifecycle, from planning and development through remodeling and relocation, has unique needs. 

Using Quickbase, teams can build and customize tools without having to invest in new technology for each individual project. Use drag-and-drop integrations to sync the systems you already use to support file management, communication, and contract management.

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Tackle complex projects end-to-end

Portfolio management

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Site selection

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Contract management

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Lease management


Document management

Facilities management


Asset & inventory management

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