Time-saving project templates.

Get a head start on similar projects and tasks.

Jump start your work by duplicating projects.

Whether you are working on a monthly campaign or planning a recurring meeting, with Quick Base project templates there’s no need to start from scratch. We can help you accelerate your next project with our convenient copying feature, so you spend less time planning. Simply create the templates you need for similar projects or recurring tasks with just a few clicks. 

Save time and be more efficient.

If you already have an effective way of managing existing projects, you can make your own project templates with pre-set assignments, estimates, and more. Quick Base gives you full flexibility in what you duplicate:

  • Make an exact copy of a project and keep the same data, or copy only the structure.
  • Copy file attachments and documents.
  • Copy users and roles from project to project. Duplicate user lists and existing roles.
  • Copy specific tasks, reports, and records. It’s up to you how granular you want to get.

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