Update your retail spaces with Quickbase

As customer expectations for in-store experiences evolve, Quickbase empowers retail spaces to swiftly respond and adapt with a dynamic work management platform that consolidates all retail project data and workflows into a unified location.

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Drive productivity with Quickbase

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Add speed and precision to your retail projects

Whether you’re scoping out your next retail location, building in a new market, or redesigning an existing storefront, Quickbase makes it easy and efficient to connect all your project data, processes, and teams.

Eliminate Gray Work. Empower your teams.

Put a stop to Gray Work — the tedious ad-hoc solutions, and slow manual tasks used to just get work done when all your disconnected systems won’t cut it.

Instead, empower your retail teams to be more efficient and effective using a single source of truth — like Quickbase, the first application platform built for dynamic work management.

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Create an outstanding customer experience

We know customers can be complex, and that they expect a reliable and personalized retail experience. Simplify those challenges with the right tools. Throughout your retail portfolio, Quickbase can help you stay on track to provide your customers with a positive experience, high levels of customer satisfaction, and increased customer loyalty.

Quickbase is your one-stop shop

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Simplify your complex retail projects

Accelerate project delivery and boost profit margins by streamlining repetitive tasks. Empower retail property managers, tenants, and contractors with easy collaboration. Optimize efficiency by tailoring solutions to your specific project workflows.
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Prevent delays and disruptions

Get real-time insights into inventory and assets, enabling optimal deployment. Give field and store teams instant access to critical info for on-site operations.
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Make your processes simple

Automate manual tasks like lease management to reduce errors and Gray Work. Foster seamless collaboration between project managers and property managers, and easily monitor performances to stay ahead of potential issues.
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Improve performance and compliance management

Know who is at each location, every day. Make it easy to prevent and report incidents, and meet OSHA standards, building codes, and tenant laws.

Provide a great retail experience

Streamline route delivery for quicker, cost-effective transportation. Guarantee timely inventory availability, preventing stockouts and overstocking. Better preserve properties by optimizing maintenance teams and processes.
[Quickbase] has proved its value time and time again managing our property assets and data especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, responding to crisis events or for government/regulatory activity.
Steven Mitchell
Head of Store Design & Delivery, Foodstuffs North Island

Let us help you start something

Explore more Quickbase benefits and capabilities that can improve your retail property and project management.

Quickbase Mobile

Keep your field and office teams connected with mobile-ready apps and intuitive forms for simplified data.
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Reduce the need for excessive spreadsheets and whiteboards when all of your retail projects are unified on a single platform.
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Need support with all your complex retail projects? Our dynamic work management platform teams can help you build what you need.

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Resources to power your projects

That's a great question: FAQs

Quickbase may replace some of your point solutions, or you may decide you don’t need everything in your tech stack once you have Quickbase.

More commonly, Quckbase is an extension to your existing systems of record, communication tools, document storage, and workflow management systems, for one unified view of all your operations.

Quickbase’s cost varies and is based upon users and feature and functionality needs. To learn more, please visit our pricing page.

Quickbase offers a wide variety of over 40+ pre-built integration channels — including Docusign, Google Drive, and Asana — that cut out Gray Work and make complex projects simple. Learn more on our integrations page.

Yes, Quickbase has granular, low-level permissions to ensure each user can only access the data they’re authorized to see and/or edit. Learn more about governance here.

Yes. FastField can work offline, without internet access. Learn more about Quickbase Mobile and FastField here.