Legal Case Management Software and Solutions for Law Firms

Equip your firm with legal case management software and solutions so you can focus on winning cases and making clients happy

Keep Your Focus On Clients

You didn't go into law to manage databases, shuffle paperwork, or log how you spend your days down to the quarter-hour. Legal case management solutions from Quickbase can help to centralize information in a repository that can be shared with your team: partners, associates, paralegals, and assistants.

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Help Your Assistant Help You

In the business of law, nothing is more valuable than an exceptional assistant or paralegal who keeps you informed, focused, and on time. Automated alerts and reminders can be a huge help to everyone on your staff, from an intern to a full attorney.

Quickbase's legal case management software is uniquely programmed with notifications that can lighten the workload for everyone by prompting staff with important, timely communications via email or mobile communications.

Know Exactly How the Practice is Doing

Quickbase's legal case management software and solutions allows you to simultaneously improve business and shift focus when necessary, whether you need to market your practice or focus on a case. Having insights into your law firm's processes is essential for more effective client selection and case management.

Business intelligence is critical to making strategic decisions and providing direction. Build dynamic reports with drag-and-drop tools to understand the profitability of your practice and where your time is best spent.

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