Managing IT projects has never been easier.

IT project management software for faster, better results.

Software that brings your team — and the details — together.

How much time do you spend a week managing IT projects? If you’re like most, you’re losing precious hours responding to productivity-draining emails, dealing with never-ending changes, and pulling together time-consuming status reports. Meanwhile, that backlog of work requests continues to grow.

Take control of your workday with Quick Base, a proven cloud-based solution that puts all your IT projects in one, centrally managed place. With an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, our IT project management software simplifies and streamlines collaboration. With Quick Base, you can readily view assigned jobs, workloads and progress. 

Bring in your experts, work on a challenge or easily keep the team focused on strategic initiatives. We make it easy to manage projects in the cloud by putting all your project details together like tasks, schedules, assignments, deadlines, documents and more. And you can quickly adjust to keep in step with shifting priorities and demands, ensuring your projects always meet completion.

Maximize your team’s efficiency and productivity.

Every IT team has a unique process for working. With Quick Base, you get a robust project management tool that facilitates that process. Our cloud-based software is fully customizable, flexible and powerful. Use it to easily manage whatever your team is tackling, from ad-hoc tasks to sprints to backlogs.   

  • Leverage rules-based logic: Set up custom workflows to align exactly with the way your team builds, tests, and deploys. Automatically assign work to specific IT teams or stakeholders. Create targeted email alerts and reminders to keep everyone on top of both projects and individual tasks. 
  • Create custom views: Turn complex projects into smaller, manageable stages or tasks. Set up quick filters to easily zero in in on the right details with a single click. Drill down to see milestones, deadlines, to-do lists, and assignments. 
  • Manage wherever you are: Add, edit, view and delete tasks on the road or away from the office. Support your team, control assets, or share reports on mobile devices or tablets.
  • Streamline the intake process: Create forms to allow your stakeholders to submit project and work requests. You can customize form fields, set email notifications, and automate the whole approval process.
  • View insightful reports and dashboards: Get real-time visibility into all activity with a variety of reports, timelines, and charts, including pie, bar, line, funnel, bubble, gauge and more. Our project management dashboards are interactive so your team can quickly filter, group, search, and modify them.
  • Centralize files and documents: Working together on files is easy with our version history/restore, overwrite, and temporary lock features. We help ensure that the latest documents are always in your team’s hands. 
  • Control roles and permissions: Confidently share your status reports, custom views and data with employees, partners, suppliers, and clients. Manage accessibility by grouping people into teams and assigning roles, whether they are in or outside of the organization.