IT help desk software for better results.

Fast, proactive support that helps make everyone more productive.

Great service begins with an easier way to set up, view and track tickets.

Never lose track of a ticket, pull a manual report, or have a hectic day again. Simplify your workday with an internal service desk for managing incidents and support requests, as well as communicating with employees. Our issue tracking system enables your service desk to address problems, incidents, and service requests within a safe and secure cloud platform. Easily track issues, tickets, changes, and assets and provide a high level of support. 

With Quick Base you get a modern, mobile-friendly service desk that promotes greater workforce productivity and engagement. Our IT help desk software equips you with smart automations, customizable forms, real-time analytics and more, to help speed resolution time and service satisfaction. 

And you can tailor your help desk implementation for a perfect fit. Our issue tracking system offers great flexibility and can accommodate complex or custom processes. It’s a better, faster, and simpler way to support your entire organization.   

A centralized ticketing system to keep your team organized.

Our bug tracking system helps optimize IT and business processes throughout your organization. Fix problems and address requests fast with automated ticket tracking, routing and notifications. You can even provide a self-service app to help your business users quickly find solutions to common challenges.  

  • Configurable forms: Help ensure a smooth support experience for your stakeholders with easy-to-use forms. Customize form fields to easily collect the exact information you need for each IT request.
  • Real-time reporting: Make better and more informed decisions with our smart report builder. Track key help desk metrics such as agent workload, first response time, resolution speed and more in real time. Create comprehensive, insightful reports with drag-and-drop simplicity and picture everything in interactive, user-friendly dashboards.
  • Mobile-friendly: Our help desk ticketing system provides multi-channel support, allowing employees to create tickets from desktops, mobile devices and tablets. Employees can make requests at any time, from anywhere.
  • Smart automations: Put your day on autopilot with auto-assignment and auto-alerts. Rapidly resolve tickets with workflows for repetitive tasks, common problems and frequently asked questions. Quickly report on, sort, and track issues and follow-up items across all your tickets. Set custom rules and logic to automate escalations, notifications, SLAs, and more. 
  • Secure storage: Cut down on time spent resetting passwords and answering the same frequently asked questions. Upload files and documents to create your own knowledge base. Employees can self-service to resolve common issues that create the most work or train your IT team faster with clear, documented processes. 
  • Custom views: Give your IT team at-a-glance visibility into incidents, issues, and service requests. Make custom lists to show tickets based on selected criteria, such as priority level or date, to make it easy to know where to dedicate time.