IT asset tracking software for accurate inventory management.

Oversee hardware and virtual asset expenses, quantities, and agreements.

Take control with a new and better way to manage your IT environment.

Errors in inventory records, lost or wasted assets, service disruptions and regulations issues can all put your business at risk. Take control with Quick Base. With it you can secure, manage, and view all your technology resources from one central location in the cloud. 

Make the most of your IT investments by keeping tabs on thousands of hardware and software assets with the click of a button. With our comprehensive IT asset management software solution, you have all the financial, contractual, and inventory specifics at your fingertips. 

Our asset tracking software will help you oversee all the details with automatic displays of real-time, relevant information including: purchase dates, service renewals, site location, people responsible for equipment and more.

Track your IT assets for better insights.

Simplify and streamline your asset tracking in the cloud. Understand what assets you have from what vendors; where the equipment is located; how much it is used; who is entitled to use it; how assets are configured; and how much they cost. 

  • Create custom workflows: Govern contracts, hardware, software, and other asset records. Setup notifications, alerts and reminders for everything from requests and procurement to retirement. Build workflows to easily secure approvals, validate privileges and coordinate services.
  • Make educated decisions about your IT environment: Learn more about how your assets are being leveraged with robust up-to-the-minute reports and interactive, shareable dashboards. With real-time visibility, you’ll know exactly who’s using what and where, as well what assets are readily available.
  • Import and centralize data: In just a few clicks, you can connect Quick Base to your other applications and sync data automatically. Combine data from different sources to discover assets in your network. Benefit from a central database housing all your IT information.
  • Keep an activity log and stay informed: Get notified when inventory is revised. Set up email alerts and retain an automated activity log to track change history. Keep updated maintenance records all in one place.
  • Access information from anywhere: View, edit, and add records on the go. Your IT inventory system is accessible from mobile devices or tablets.
  • Add relationships: Organize and retain information about your IT products and corresponding vendors. Connect supplier contact details and license data, such as price purchased and warranty information, to your product listings. Troubleshooting and problem resolution becomes faster and easier with all the information you need at hand.