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Quickbase is a platform that you can customize to fit into your training and onboarding workflows and to align with your company objectives. Configure your own custom HR applications yourself using logic rules, clicks, and drag and drop, so you get exactly what solutions you need to manage your HR operations effectively. With Quickbase, easily create the applications that work best for your team while improving your workflow, aligning with company objectives, and keeping employee data safe.

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Unleash Your Team's Creativity

You know your business better than anyone else. With low-code software, you can build custom human resources software applications to match a unique process with the goal reaching company objectives more efficiently. One-size-fits-all human resources software tools often fall short, as every business process is unique – especially those that are specific to your company. With a low-code approach, you'll be able to elevate engagement, improve efficiency, and make data-driven decisions across all your use cases in a way that works for you.

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HR Software Capabilities

Our hiring software helps you competitively attract and hire the best people for your open requisitions. Quickly create job posts and publish them to an online portal customized to your exact requirements and branding specifications. Easily target the best candidates and stay on top of internal planning, coordination with hiring managers, and even measure ROI on recruiting activities.

Our hiring solution helps drive outcomes through powerful, intuitive features and functionality:

Full customization — Anyone can create a job portal that’s tailored to your organization without coding or IT assistance.
Create forms — Build an online application form so you can gather the exact information you need from applicants.
Design workflows — Reduce administrative overhead by automatically deleting applications that don’t meet your job criteria and qualifications. Set up triggered reminders to follow-up with the best candidates.
Notifications — Receive automated emails when there’s a new candidate interested in one of your positions so you can follow-up promptly.
Keep a record — Add notes and interview feedback or upload documents to have a complete picture of prospective employees.

Our employee onboarding software assists you in streamlining your onboarding process so it’s consistent and well-structured. Coordinate all your tasks and paperwork to help ensure your new hires’ first days are enjoyable and productive. A great first day sets the stage for higher retention, engagement and performance down the line.

Take new hire onboarding to the level with our robust, powerful features:

Create reminders — Set up email alerts to your new hire’s manager and IT to make the onboarding experience seamless. Design workflows to automate welcome emails and new hire tasks so nothing falls through the cracks.
Store documents securely — Keep track of important details in a secure online repository. Import and preserve important HR documents such as offer letters, employees handbooks and W-4’s, so you can access them quickly whenever needed.
Create forms — Enable employees to self-serve by enrolling in benefits and filling out I-9, W-4, state tax and tax credit forms online.

Make performance reviews a fast, frequent, and effective practice. With our performance management software, you can easily follow employee’s projects and track key metrics using customizable dashboards as well as variety of report types, such as summary charts, calendars, maps, and timelines. Enable managers to filter, sort, group, search, and modify existing reports or create their own with our easy-to-use report builder.

Our employee performance management software has powerful features that are aimed at helping you maximize productivity and efficiency in the workplace:

Build forms — Create performance planning forms as needed to elicit feedback from your entire team. Design questions and surveys that collect the exact information you need.
Automate distribution — Trigger the review and our system takes care of the heavy lifting. Notifications are automatically sent to ensure your whole cycle runs smoothly. And it’s up to you the review frequency and recipient list.
Define goals and deadlines — Easily manage your team’s tasks at the click of a button. Set objectives for employees and track progress against initiatives.
Create reports and dashboards — With interactive charts and reports, it’s easy to spot employees who are meeting or exceeding goals, and ones who are not.
Share with ease — Managers can request feedback from anyone within the organization or send requests outside of the organization to clients and partners.

Our online HR compliance software enables you to easily maintain and manage all the information you need to support regulatory compliance from a single, secure, and centralized database. With our solution, you can rest easy knowing you’ll have enterprise-grade security along with full control over the data. You can set up specific roles and permissions with different levels of access to safely share information when needed.

Our HR compliance software has features that your whole team will love:

Secure documents — Upload and maintain copies of important documents, such as offer letters, passports, visas and associate them with employee records. Keep everything secure in Quickbase, and you can easily recover deleted or prior versions of files.
Control permissions — It’s up to you what’s shareable and with whom. Granular roles and permissions give you full flexibility and control so it’s easy to keep sensitive data private.
Create alerts — Easily set up reminders for renewal dates and change of address. Set up notifications for required documentation and training as needed.
Track changes and retain a history — Keep a record of training and certifications; workplace incidents and accidents; and grievance and disciplinary measures. Easily maintain details such as people involved, dates, and outcomes.
Share data and reports — Gain insight into how your compliance program is performing by quickly measuring what matters most to the business. Build executive-level interactive dashboards and reports to determine compliance by department, location, job title or level.
Build workflows — Automate your HR compliance process. With Quickbase, you can design workflows to meet your exact requirements. This ensures you have a repeatable, reliable compliance playbook.

Discovering and hiring the best employees in a fast and competitive job market can be daunting. With Quickbase application tracking software, improve your success and impress candidates by customizing and streamlining all aspects of the hiring process—from application, to interview, to offer.

Quickly zero in on the right people with our applicant tracking software. Its flexibility and simplicity makes hiring hassle free:

Pre-screen resumes — Set pre-qualifying criteria for each of your vacancies to quickly screen out applicants who don’t meet your job requirements.
Create a talent pool — Every application submitted goes directly into your database so you’ll have a single source of everyone who has ever applied. Save recruitment time by easily searching and reviewing existing profiles whenever you have future openings.
Hire collaboratively — Build interview templates and scorecards for evaluating candidates, making it easier to identify and short-list the best talent.
Control permissions — Manage what collaborators can view or edit to keep sensitive information, such as desired salary, private.
Track status — Oversee all aspects of the hiring process including the number of candidates at every stage.
Customize reports — Get the information you need, when you need it, to drive a proactive and informed hiring process.

Turn your manual time-off tracking process into a digitized one and save loads of time. With Quickbase, you can create online custom PTO forms; digitally accept and approve submissions; and see at-a-glance who is in and out of the office with customized calendars and reports. Our employee vacation tracker offers a fast, convenient way for employees to schedule time-off and an easier way for you to track and manage it all.

Our vacation tracking software has features that work for you, not the other way around:

Build a time-off form — Create a custom form for requesting time-off without coding or IT support. Collect the information you need from employees and set up notifications when a request is received, approved or rejected.
Customize reports and dashboards — Build reports to enable both employees and managers to see how much time-off has been earned versus taken. Know how much time-off is available before booking or approving that next vacation.
See a team calendar — Easily check when vacations or leave are happening so there are no surprises. Share the time-off calendar with the whole team to keep everyone aligned.
Access on the go — Enable employees to submit requests whenever, wherever. Access employee time-off tracking software at home or on the go on both mobile devices and tablets.

Eliminate the challenge of managing across separate HR systems such as recruiting, benefits, and personnel management. Quickbase puts all the personnel information you need into one reliable, cloud-based HR management solution. Centralize employee directories, organizational charts, compensation, time-off records and more. Having personnel files in one place means being able to stay on top of all the important details and milestones.

Empower a better and easier way to get more work done with our employee file management software:

See up-to-date employee profiles — Access the latest employee records with the click of a mouse. Quickbase is a central repository for storing all your HR data.
Retain history — Not only can you keep records of key events such as promotions, training, and address changes but you can also receive notifications when updates are made by employees or managers.
Visualize roles and relationships — Easily create an online employee directory and map the structure of your organization for greater visibility.
Send alerts and notifications —See what’s important and get notified when events and activities occur. Never miss or forget another employee’s birthday, vacation, or anniversary again.
Control permissions — It’s up to you what your HR team can see versus what’s public and can be shared with a specific department or the entire organization. Save time by unlocking self-service functionality to allow employees to view and update their own information.
Import data — Your data from other apps can be pulled into your Quickbase database to maintain a single source of truth. Save time by keeping everything in one place.
Secure documents — Upload important documents, such as offer letters, and associate them with employee profiles. You don’t have to worry about version control or accidentally deleting files. With Quickbase, you can easily recover lost files.

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"Quickbase enables us to develop high-value solutions that help make everyone's work easier and more enjoyable."

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