HR recruitment software that speeds results.

Attract and secure top talent for your open job positions.

Find the perfect fit for your company.

Our hiring software helps you competitively attract and hire the best people for your open requisitions. Quickly create job posts and publish them to an online portal customized to your exact requirements and branding specifications. Easily target the best candidates and stay on top of internal planning, coordination with hiring managers, and even measure ROI on recruiting activities.  

Accelerate the hiring process from job post to offer.

Our hiring solution helps drive outcomes through powerful, intuitive features and functionality.

Full customization— Anyone can create a job portal that’s tailored to your organization without coding or IT assistance. 
Create forms— Build an online application form so you can gather the exact information you need from applicants. 
Design workflows— Reduce administrative overhead by automatically deleting applications that don’t meet your job criteria and qualifications. Set up triggered reminders to follow-up with the best candidates. 
Notifications— Receive automated emails when there’s a new candidate interested in one of your positions so you can follow-up promptly.
Keep a record— Add notes and interview feedback or upload documents to have a complete picture of prospective employees.