HR compliance management made easy.

Simplify compliance with a centralized, secure cloud platform.

Maintain an auditable database to stay compliant.

Our online HR compliance software enables you to easily maintain and manage all the information you need to support regulatory compliance from a single, secure, and centralized database. With our solution, you can rest easy knowing you’ll have enterprise-grade security along with full control over the data. You can set up specific roles and permissions with different levels of access to safely share information when needed.

Keep on top of key legal requirements.

Our HR compliance software has features that your whole team will love.

Secure documents— Upload and maintain copies of important documents, such as offer letters, passports, visas and associate them with employee records. Keep everything secure in Quick Base, and you can easily recover deleted or prior versions of files.
Control permissions— It’s up to you what’s shareable and with whom. Granular roles and permissions give you full flexibility and control so it’s easy to keep sensitive data private.
Create alerts— Easily set up reminders for renewal dates and change of address. Set up notifications for required documentation and training as needed.
Track changes and retain a history— Keep a record of training and certifications; workplace incidents and accidents; and grievance and disciplinary measures. Easily maintain details such as people involved, dates, and outcomes. 
Share data and reports— Gain insight into how your compliance program is performing by quickly measuring what matters most to the business. Build executive-level interactive dashboards and reports to determine compliance by department, location, job title or level.
Build workflows— Automate your HR compliance process. With Quick Base, you can design workflows to meet your exact requirements. This ensures you have a repeatable, reliable compliance playbook.