Application tracking for a competitive hiring advantage.

Successful hires begin with better applicant tracking software.  

Find the right people faster.

Discovering and hiring the best employees in a fast and competitive job market can be daunting. With Quick Base application tracking software, improve your success and impress candidates by customizing and streamlining all aspects of the hiring process—from application, to interview, to offer.   

Speed decisions and secure the best hires.

Quickly zero in on the right people with our applicant tracking software. Its flexibility and simplicity makes hiring hassle free.
Pre-screen resumes— Set pre-qualifying criteria for each of your vacancies to quickly screen out applicants who don’t meet your job requirements.
Create a talent pool— Every application submitted goes directly into your database so you’ll have a single source of everyone who has ever applied. Save recruitment time by easily searching and reviewing existing profiles whenever you have future openings. 
Hire collaboratively— Build interview templates and scorecards for evaluating candidates, making it easier to identify and short-list the best talent.
Control permissions— Manage what collaborators can view or edit to keep sensitive information, such as desired salary, private.
Track status— Oversee all aspects of the hiring process including the number of candidates at every stage.  
Customize reports— Get the information you need, when you need it, to drive a proactive and informed hiring process.