Human resource management software.

Our simple HR tools can manage new talent, old records, benefits, and more.

Keep employee information all in one place.

Say goodbye to spreadsheet chaos. With Quick Base human resources software, you can eliminate manual tasks and keep your team focused on what matters most — your people. Our HRMS has a powerful database to maintain all your important HR information including:

  • Organizational charts
  • Employee directories
  • Salary information
  • Time records
  • Performance management data
  • Talent recruitment and application tracking
  • New hire onboarding 

Everything is centralized within a cloud-based human resource management solution that delivers the utmost in reliability, security and compliance

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Build the best HR solution for your team.

Online HR management software must be flexible enough to match today's rapidly evolving business environments, and with Quick Base, the power to customize is in your hands. Unlike other systems that make you align your business process with the application, our HR software is easily molded to fit your exact business needs.

We give you full control to develop and update your own human resources management system using customizable forms, fields, tables, reports, dashboards and more. Streamline and automate processes to enforce HR policies just the way you want. Everything can be configured to match your unique HR requirements — and all without coding or IT support.

Build A Custom HR App

    Make the workday easier with self-service functionality.

    Speed up employee adoption and elevate staff productivity with our easy-to-use, online HR management software. With an intuitive interface and helpful notifications, everyone can engage and connect in ways that work best for the business. 

    Employees can access relevant HR information, securely update their personnel profiles and benefits, make schedule changes, request time off, and sign up for education and training courses. Self-service functionality makes it faster and easier for your employees, and frees up more time for your other HR responsibilities, projects and goals.

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    Leverage real-time visibility.

    Quick Base helps optimize the effectiveness of your HR programs by enabling you to manage hundreds of employee records and details with ease. 

    With customizable reports and dashboards, along with alerts and notifications, you can drive greater visibility and awareness for your entire team. This results in better, faster decisions and a more informed, proactive, and strategic approach to your company’s growing and changing HR needs.

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