Custom HR software solutions for any business.

Streamline HR processes, centralize and secure employee data, and improve your HR reporting capabilities with Quick Base's robust human resources software platform.

Modernize your operations.

Human resource management is an integral part of every company. Quick Base helps HR professionals modernize and streamline processes by empowering you to create custom applications – without needing to write any code – that eliminate paper forms, spreadsheets and repetitive, manual tasks.

    What are custom applications?

    Custom applications are just right business solutions. Every business process is unique, which is why out-of-the-box, one-size-fits-all human resources software often falls short. You know your business better than anyone else and, with our platform, you can configure your own custom applications yourself using logic rules, clicks, and drag and drop, so you get exactly what you need to manage your business effectively.

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    Common HR use cases.

    The use cases for Quick Base's hr database software are endless. You can create apps to automate and more efficiently manage…

    • Employee onboarding
    • Employee records
    • Paid time off requests
    • Benefits elections
    • Employee goals & performance
    • Time & attendance tracking
    • Training & certifications
    • Compliance
    • Expense claims
    • and more

    Your information is centralized in one secure place, so it’s always at your fingertips.

    Say farewell to tedious HR tasks and file cabinets.

    Let us show you how Quick Base can help you streamline your procedures and securely store your data through our customizable HR database software.

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    See how Elevate Services runs its HR operations on Quick Base.


    Create a great place to work.

    • With Quick Base’s role-based permissions, you can grant everyone access to the information relevant to them without the risk of over exposing sensitive data.
    • Quick Base’s visual and intuitive interface, customizable forms and helpful notifications make it easy for employees to update their profiles, request time off, and more from wherever they are on their own schedules.

    Improve employee engagement and retention by making it easy for staff to pursue professional development activities and reinventing performance management. Cut down the time commitment involved, better track and report on employee performance, and boost the frequency of feedback. The result? Less drag on employees and more chances to address problems in the moment.

    You can use Quick Base's human resources management software to automate HR tasks, such as collecting documents for verification, sending out emails announcing new hires, calculating payrolls, and approving leave requests, so you have more time to focus on work that matters most.

    Insightful reports and dashboards enable you to gain insight into almost any HR data. Set up reports for workforce planning, PTO usage, and more, so you can make strategic business decisions with confidence at a glance without needing to spend time generating reports from data in spreadsheets.

    Copying data from paper forms to the computer leaves lots of opportunity for error, as does manually tallying up timesheets and calculating payrolls. Quick Base eliminates the need for duplicate data entry and can perform calculations automatically.

    Resources for HR professionals.

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