The Customer Service Database Software That Works The Way You Do

Good data makes for great customer relationships. Quickbase’s custom database software enhances visibility, streamlines processes, and improves response time.

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Manage Customer Service Requests With Ease

Focus on resolving issues and communicating with your customers instead of chasing down customer service requests. Effectively manage customer relationships with built-in KPI capabilities.

With customer service database software, your team can centralize and streamline customer service requests to enhance visibility into the inner workings of your organization.

Continuously Improve With Custom Software Solutions

Rapidly configure and tailor your customer service database software to grow with you. Quickbase’s powerful platform allows you to continuously improve while providing fast customer service.

Quickbase can also track internal requests and help you manage operations internally. Streamline requests or monitor employee performance with executive dashboards and real-time visibility, and quickly adjust to scale with your business.

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Responsiveness and trust are so important in our business and Quickbase Webhooks help us deliver on both.

Jonathan Heuer
Co-Founder of HomeSquare

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