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Simplify Tasks with the Right Project Management Software

Written By: Joe Demski
July 19, 2023
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While managing large projects is incredibly complex, project management software can help to streamline tasks and keep multiple phases of a project on track. Superior software provides tools that support the many diverse disciplines in project management – from planning, budgeting, and scheduling to risk management, communication, resource allocation, and document management.

The best project management apps incorporate four essential features.

  • An all-in-one platform. Relying on a handful of point solutions to manage different aspects of the project can be a monumental headache. Using an all-in-one tool enables easy integration of diverse tasks and a seamless flow of data between different aspects of the project.

  • Customizable tools. Because no two organizations, projects, or teams are alike, project management software must be easily adaptable. Applications that are too rigid or require too much intervention from IT teams to customize them will add unacceptable delays to project timelines.

  • Ease of use. Project management software that is too complex inevitably results in a slow learning curve, poor adoption rates, and employee workarounds that only add complexity and risk.

  • Automation. The best project management software will automate as many tasks as possible, helping project teams to increase productivity, identify issues, cut costs, and forecast risk more effectively.

For project teams seeking a superior project management software solution, Quickbase offers a no-code development platform that allows every member of the team to customize the application. With Quickbase, your project teams can more easily see and automate every workflow, process, and task to simplify project management and bring projects in on time and within budget.

Automating project management tasks

Superior project management software can automate tasks at every stage of a project.

Initiation and planning

As teams create detailed project plans, project organization software can streamline processes by automatically tracking administrative tasks, managing documents, monitoring approvals, crunching budget numbers, and forecasting potential risks.


Automation is most effective once projects are underway. Superior project management software can track the completion of tasks, generate automatic reminders, ensure that all parties have the most recent version of documents, and create reports in real-time.

Monitoring and control

In this stage of project management, automated technologies can monitor and report on budgets, KPIs, service level agreements, resource allocation, quality control, and project performance. Automated alerts and benchmarks help project managers to identify where projects are on track and where things may be going off the rails.


As projects end, automated project management software can evaluate outcomes, deliverables, and workflows to help project teams refine processes for future projects.

Quickbase: best-of-breed project management software

Quickbase is a fully customizable platform for no-code and low-code development that lets your teams tackle projects of unlimited complexity. By enabling users with any level of technical background to create powerful applications, Quickbase helps solve the challenges of finding and deploying the ideal project management software.

Quickbase for project management provides automated project coordination software with features and capabilities that ensure projects are delivered on time, every time.

Automated, customizable processes

With the ability to automate and customize workflows, your teams can use tools designed for their specific needs to work faster and improve productivity.

A 360° view of every project

With Quickbase, project teams can view all projects, processes, resources, and people in one place, making it easy to see where things are on track and where performance is lagging.

Better data

By connecting data silos and synchronizing all data and workflows in a single tool, Quickbase empowers your teams to make better decisions while encountering fewer surprises.

Improved communication

Connecting everyone across each project, inside and outside your organization, enables everyone to stay on the same page and to collaborate more effectively.

Easy-to-build reports and dashboards

Quickbase makes it easy to analyze success and report on progress. Team members from C-suite executives to field workers can access custom views of project data and use dashboards to collect the information they need when they need it.

What is a low-code platform?

Low code is a modern, agile way to build business applications and continually improve them to meet the demands of today’s digital business environment. Low-code platforms hide the complexity of development and allow developers to create, improve, and maintain business applications more quickly.

Low-code platforms like Quickbase allow users to build programs with visual and pre-built components. Rather than writing code line by line, users can build apps with drag-and-drop features, an intuitive visual interface, reusable components, and powerful collaboration tools. Many low-code platforms include no-code features that allow users with zero development experience to create applications.

Low-code platforms empower users with any level of development experience to create complex apps that serve the needs of their organization. As a result, departments throughout the organization can deploy apps faster while freeing IT teams to work on the most complex and specialized digital transformation efforts. With low-code technology, organizations can improve the effectiveness of every employee, enhance speed and agility, and reduce the complexity and cost of deploying new applications.

Why Quickbase?

Quickbase is the only fully customizable, no-code platform that empowers businesses to improve operations and collaboration through automation, real-time insights, and unmatched support. For experienced and professional developers, Quickbase offers advanced, low-code development capabilities that increase productivity and ensure faster time to value. For individuals with no background in software development, Quickbase provides tools to build powerful solutions for complex processes and projects.

With 20+ years of experience pioneering citizen development, Quickbase has developed a proven approach and a flexible governance model that keeps data safeguarded and helps maintain development best practices across the organization. A full set of enablement services and 24/7 customer support ensure successful development and deployment for organizations in any industry – from residential property management software for retail property management firms to CWM platforms for healthcare and government organizations.


What is project management software?

Organizations use management software to automate workflows, enhance collaboration, increase efficiency, and mitigate risk for complex projects. Project management software typically includes tools for assigning and tracking tasks, scheduling, budgeting and tracking expenses, collaboration, communication, resource allocation, and reporting on progress.

What features are essential in project management software?

In addition to standard features, the ability to customize a project management software solution allows organizations to adapt quickly and maintain agility as new projects present unexpected challenges.

Joe Demski
Written By: Joe Demski

Joe Demski is an Associate Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.