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Selecting the Best Project Management Apps

Written By: Joe Demski
July 17, 2023
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To complete projects on time and within budget, project managers and teams must deal with an astounding number of details in extraordinarily diverse disciplines. Effective project management requires superior communication among a broad range of stakeholders and the ability to see the big picture while tracking very minute details. Project teams must keep a close watch on budgets while organizing and securing massive amounts of documents. Project managers must allocate resources accurately to avoid risk and eliminate bottlenecks.

The right project management apps can help by automating many of these tasks and delivering greater visibility into every aspect of a project. When considering a software solution, it’s critical to choose a solution that provides comprehensive tools, rather than relying on multiple project management apps that will add complexity and inefficiency to the process. The ability to customize a project management application is essential, since every project and organizational culture requires a unique set of capabilities.

Quickbase provides a fully customizable, all-in-one project management software that delivers all the capabilities your project teams require. And as a no-code application development platform, Quickbase enables any member of a project team to create, connect, and customize project management apps to serve the specific needs of a project.

The Benefits of Project Management Software

With superior project management apps, organizations can improve every level of project execution.


All-in-one project management apps eliminate the confusion, inefficiency, and errors that occur when project teams use multiple tools for different areas of project planning and management.

Planning and scheduling

Superior project management tools support a wide range of planning and scheduling methodologies, automatically tracking tasks, milestones, and key deliverables to make sure projects are staying on track.

Communication and collaboration

Superior apps facilitate communication to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that details don’t get buried in email inboxes.

Resource management

The best project management apps automate the management of people, schedules, facilities, resources, and supply chains to avoid shortages, minimize cost overruns, and prevent the misalignment of skills.


Teams need customizable, easy-to-produce reports that can transparently deliver a bird’s-eve view or granular detail needed need to keep projects on track.

Document management

Project management software should make it easy to securely access, share, and edit documents while minimizing versioning headaches.

Data management

Every team needs a central repository of project data that serves as a single source of truth and allows all parties to quickly find the information they need.

Budget management

Project management apps should make it easy to forecast and track expenses in real time while reducing errors, flagging overruns, and identifying areas for cost savings.

Risk reduction

Superior software lets teams spot and mitigate risk earlier by visualizing opportunities, uncovering threats, identifying bottlenecks, and deploying solutions to resolve them.

Create custom project management apps with Quickbase

Quickbase is a no-code platform that lets teams tackle projects of limitless complexity by deploying custom applications, automating workflows, and continuously improving business technologies. A visual building environment and graphical user interface empower users with any level of development experience – or no experience at all – to create and adapt powerful solutions for managing complex projects. With Quickbase, your project teams can design project management apps that fit the needs of each project, rather than adapting project workflows to fit the limitations of their project management system.

Project management software from Quickbase allows your project teams to:

  • Make better decisions. By connecting information across siloed systems in a central location, Quickbase ensures that stakeholders have the data they need to make the right decisions every time. Unified data sets enable team members to quickly spot potential problems and opportunities, making it easier to adjust in real-time to keep projects on track.

  • See projects end to end. Quickbase syncs all data and workflows in a single tool without disrupting existing systems. Teams can use a single dashboard to see all processes, suppliers, subcontractors, and field workers for every project, simplifying the ability to adjust plans quickly to mitigate risk and cut costs when necessary.

  • Move with greater speed. To keep everyone on the same page throughout the project, Quickbase connects everyone inside and outside the organization. Automated processes accelerate timelines, while completely customizable tools let teams work exactly how they want.

  • Analyze operational success. Quickbase’s reports and dashboards let everyone quickly build reports and create custom views to ensure they have the data they need when they need it.

What to expect from the Quickbase platform

The Quickbase platform features various pre-built solutions that serve as starting points for specific functionality. In addition to project management, Quickbase supports work order management, budget and financial management, subcontractor management, portfolio management, site selection and evaluation, contract management, resource management and scheduling, and more.

Quickbase enables teams to:

  • Develop complex business applications quickly. Using Quickbase’s no-code development environment, business users with any level of development experience can quickly and easily develop and deploy applications to manage the most complex projects and business challenges.

  • Automate workflows throughout the organization. Quickbase removes workflow fragmentation and unifies siloed information to improve agility without replacing a single system. Quickbase Pipelines allow users to visually orchestrate workflows across apps and third-party tools using pre-built integration channels and Quickbase’s modern APIs.

  • Continuously deploy apps without downtime. Sandbox capabilities allow app builders to create, test, review, and push changes to apps with no downtime. Users throughout the organization continue to have access to the live app.

Why customers love Quickbase

Quickbase helps businesses accelerate continuous innovation by promoting secure, controlled citizen development at scale, uniting IT and business teams on a common platform. As an application development platform that lets users with any level of technical background create complex solutions, Quickbase helps organizations automate workflows, solve challenges, and continuously improve business applications.

With solutions developed on the Quickbase platform, organizations can see, connect, and control every detail of the most complex projects. Seamless connections with existing technology ensure that information flows smoothly throughout the organization. End-to-end visibility helps anticipate roadblocks and keep high-stakes initiatives on track.

In addition to project management software, Quickbase provides solutions for a wide range of business needs and industries, including CWM platforms for manufacturing companies, property management tools for commercial and industrial property management firms, PMO software for government agencies, and many more.


What are project management apps?

Project management apps help individuals and teams manage projects with greater efficiency, fewer costs, and less risk. Superior project management apps automate manual processes to minimize errors, improve productivity, and deliver greater visibility into progress at every project stage.

What’s important in project management apps?

Because so many different kinds of project management apps are available, the most important thing when choosing technology is to select an app with capabilities that align with the specific needs of the project, project management team, and organization. The ability to customize a solution is key to future-proofing the investment of time and money in adopting a new project management app.

Joe Demski
Written By: Joe Demski

Joe Demski is an Associate Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.