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Choosing the Right PMO Software

Written By: Joe Demski
July 13, 2023
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Project management offices (PMOs) are under tremendous pressure to help their organizations deliver greater value from a wide range of projects. PMOs have traditionally been charged with maintaining standards for project management across the organization to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. As traditional project management practices give way to more agile methodologies, PMOs must help project managers and teams adapt to more iterative, fast-based, highly competitive project environments.

The right PMO software can help. By facilitating continuous communication, connecting siloed systems of information, standardizing processes and workflows, and maximizing resource management, PMO software can help your organization build a better framework to support the work of PMOs while ensuring greater success for projects.

As a no-code complex work management platform, Quickbase offers fully customizable PMO software with comprehensive functionality for agile methodologies. With Quickbase, users of any level of technical background can create solutions that modernize complex workflows and enable your PMO to tackle projects of limitless complexity.

The benefits of PMO software

Superior PMO software can help your project management office achieve significant benefits.

  • Faster decision-making. Exceptional PMO and project organization software will connect siloed data throughout the organization to provide your PMO managers and staff with a comprehensive view of project performance as well as roadblocks in the way of completion.

  • Improve performance. Harnessing automated processes, PMO software can enhance workflows, increase efficiency, forecast risk, and accelerate timelines to help your organization be more competitive.

  • Enhance resource management. Resource management is often the largest challenge that PMOs face and the reason for poorly performing portfolios. The right PMO software will provide clear visualization of capacity utilization and help align resources with organizational goals.

  • Simplify management. PMO software can serve as a centralized hub for storing information, managing documents, tracking project plans, and visualizing deadlines.

  • Track results more easily. As your PMO works to deliver consistent value to customers and stakeholders, the reporting features of PMO software can improve the ability to measure outcomes rather than deadlines and ensure that strategies and plans are aligned with your organizational goals.

The key to choosing PMO software is finding a solution that will be widely used by your project team members. Tools that can be easily adapted to the needs of individual users and projects are far more likely to see rapid adoption. That’s exactly what you get with Quickbase.

Quickbase: customizable, no-code software for PMOs

Quickbase is a no-code platform that empowers your teams to easily create, connect, and customize enterprise applications to solve business problems, fix visibility gaps, and enhance workflows. Team members with little or no development experience can nevertheless create applications that automate workflows, mitigate risk, reduce waste, and minimize unexpected costs.

As a project coordination software, Quickbase comes preconfigured with project management capabilities that can be customized for the needs of your PMO team. With Quickbase, you can:

  • Connect information silos. Quickbase provides a central place where information from disparate systems can be aggregated and synthesized to deliver clearer insight for better decision-making. Quickbase syncs all data and workflows without disrupting any existing systems.

  • Monitor performance. Real-time insights enable you to see clearly where you are under- or overperforming across multiple projects, initiatives, and programs, allowing you to make changes easily.

  • Gain comprehensive visibility. Quickbase delivers a view of all projects, processes, suppliers, subcontractors, and workers, empowering you to act quickly to adjust plans as needed.

  • Increase productivity. Automated processes help move projects along more quickly and let teams work with custom-built solutions that meet their unique needs.

  • Streamline communication. With Quickbase, you can connect everyone across each project inside and outside of your organization, providing tools that keep everyone on the same page from start to finish.

Analyze progress. Easy-to-build reports and dashboards provide everyone, from field workers to executives, with a custom view of the projects in your portfolio, making it easy to track project success in real-time.

What is a no-code platform?

No-code development is a modern, agile way of building business applications using graphical user interfaces and configurations, rather than relying on traditional line-by-line coding. No-code tools allow people who can’t write a line of code and have no background in software development to still build powerful solutions for complex processes and projects. By democratizing application development, no-code platforms make it possible for users who are closest to the business problem to build the applications that will best serve their needs.

As a no-code platform, Quickbase allows users to create applications with a visual builder that features drag-and-drop functionality and point-and-click simplicity. No-code solutions hide the underlying complexities of development to allow users to be more productive when creating, improving, and maintaining business applications.

Quickbase also serves as a low-code platform, giving more experienced developers tools that accelerate development while eliminating much of the tediousness associated with traditional development frameworks and techniques.

Why PMOs love Quickbase

Quickbase helps organizations accelerate the continuous improvement of unique processes by empowering all users to engage in secure, controlled development at scale, governed by IT, on one platform. With Quickbase, project teams and PMOs can see, connect, and control every detail of even the most complex projects.

In addition to project management, Quickbase provides solutions for a broad range of business needs, including budgeting and finance, resource management, portfolio management, contractor management, and subcontractor management. Quickbase provides essential tools for many industries, including collaborative work management tools for healthcare organizations, contract management for government agencies, and commercial property management software for asset property management firms. With 20+ years of experience empowering non-coders to build powerful solutions to business problems, Quickbase offers a proven approach and best practices that enable successful citizen development and automation at scale.


What is a PMO?

A PMO is a project management office. PMOs are responsible for defining and maintaining an organization’s project management standards. PMOs also help the organization to realize a higher success rate and greater value from a project portfolio.

What is PMO software?

PMO software helps teams track the performance of every project within a portfolio and monitor project management processes across the organization. PMO software improves collaboration between all departments and stakeholders for each project. PMO software helps teams to design project and portfolio workflows and allocate resources efficiently to keep projects on track.

Joe Demski
Written By: Joe Demski

Joe Demski is an Associate Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.

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