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Inc. Best in Business: A Commitment to Success

Written By: Ed Jennings
December 6, 2022
3 min read

Receiving accolades as a company is always exciting – they can validate your work, progress, and approach. But being on Inc’s Best in Business list means a little something more. For this list, Inc. recognizes the companies that have made a positive impact on their communities, industries, the environment, and society overall. As a winner in the Software as a Service category, we are thrilled that our approach to managing the most complex projects is working for our customers.

When we see what our customers take on, we know that All Together Now isn’t just a tagline, it’s an attitude that drives our work. Our customers’ success is that they win together, with their community and the world around them. It is a reminder that when truly committed to solving our challenges, building connections within your organization and community can make a difference for our customers and their fields, and the world around us.

Driving change in the community

Our achievements are best represented by the success of our customers. Paterson, New Jersey is a great example. They were able to leverage Quickbase to pilot a technology solution to support the ongoing fight against the opioid epidemic. Now, they can centrally coordinate and connect all of the moving parts in the process of prescribing Suboxone (a medication that’s potentially critical to decreasing the chance of a future overdose), from doctors writing prescriptions to pharmacies fulfilling order and insurance companies covering costs. Think on the individual level about what this means– someone who is struggling with addiction can get the life-saving medication they need faster.

We see other customers take on this challenge as well in different contexts. When deploying COVID vaccines in 2021, Tarrant County, Texas counted on Quickbase to provide the flexibility and adaptability needed to respond to changing conditions and distribute critical resources. Remember the chaotic times of early 2021, when vaccines were just being released? These local governments were navigating that chaos and better delivering critical medicine to people and allow their communities to more safely re-open. Seeing our customers make an impact like this is truly inspiring, and reinforcing that we are doing something important here at Quickbase, together.

Setting examples in your field

A big focus at Quickbase is how to create better connections. Between your people, among your systems and data, with partners and collaborators. And that connection can – and should – go even further when you are truly effective. When solving the most complex projects, the impact and connections you build can go beyond your organization and into your field and the community around you.

We’re committed to continuing to give organizations the tools they need to better get their jobs done and accomplish their most complex projects. And with nearly 6,000 customers, we’re consistently seeing more organizations recognize how they can spend less, waste less, and do more. Being Best in Business is a commitment to our customers to continue providing the great service and capabilities they rely on to do their work most effectively. When we see the impact that our customers make, we know that making them more effective is work that affirms the relevance of our All Together Now attitude.

Ed Jennings, CEO
Written By: Ed Jennings

Ed Jennings is the CEO of Quickbase.

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