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How to Make Sure Your New Hire Doesn’t Quit

Written By: Alexandra Levit
July 18, 2011
2 min read

It’s a little insane how much time and effort we spend trying to recruit the right people, and then how easily we blow it with them as soon as they step through the door. Here are seven reminders to ensure that your new hires want to stick around.

1. Put “need to knows” at a convenient, regularly updated online location.

Post new employee orientation schedules, materials, benefits forms, and an extensive FAQ about the company on an Intranet that is accessible to new hires from a welcome e-mail before their first day on the job. If your company doesn’t have an Intranet, you can make information easily accessible from anywhere by uploading it to a Quickbase application. By providing some information in advance, you eliminate a common source of new hire angst.

2. Don’t have her start during a week when her direct manager is either out of town or busy with a project deadline.

This will give the new employee a feeling of being disconnected and will leave her with too much time on her hands to sit in her office and stare at the four walls.

3. Plan who your new hire meets in her first few days strategically.

The employees you want the new guy to be hanging out with are friendly, positive about the organization, and happy with their work.

4. Don’t keep your new employee waiting around on his first day.

The worst thing to do is to leave him standing in the lobby for a half hour while reception staff tries to figure out what to do with him.

5. Leverage the technology available to you.

Although there is no replacing personal interactions, some onboarding messages can be delivered effectively using computer-based simulations and e-learning.

6. Show your new hire how things are done.

Every workplace comes with its own set of rules and regulations, nuances and traditions. For example, if your organization observes a casual Friday rule, make sure the new hire knows this before showing up at the office on her first Friday in a neatly-pressed suit.

7. Don’t burn her out too fast.

Get your new hire started on a worthwhile project quickly, but don’t put so much pressure on her to juggle a million balls that she gets overwhelmed.

Alexandra Levit’s goal is to help people find meaningful jobs - quickly and simply - and to succeed beyond measure once they get there. Follow her @alevit.

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