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Here is What 402 Quickbase Users Had to Say in a TrustRadius Product Report

Written By: Jessica Hawley
August 21, 2018
3 min read

The beauty of Quickbase is that it can be used for anything. We want to celebrate the diversity of the platform by highlighting some amazing use cases, and focus in on what our customers think are the most important features of our platform.

We were recently featured in a report based on 402 end-user reviews and ratings of Quickbase on TrustRadius, designed to help you make an informed decision about Quickbase. It includes real reviews from customers, what they like most about Quickbase and their thoughts on how the platform could be improved.

Quickbase empowers anyone to build apps, and TrustRadius reported that our platform is frequently purchased by business problem solvers. However, many reviewers of the product on TrustRadius are also IT employees, reflecting the fact that IT is frequently involved in purchase, and that the platform is also useful to developers with significant coding experience.

“Anyone, no really, ANYONE, can create a working database on Quickbase. “

Quickbase is also more likely to be used by enterprises and large mid-market companies. Almost 50% of reviews of Quickbase on TrustRadius are by reviewers at companies with over 1,000 employees, and 91% are from reviewers at companies with more than 50 employees.

The report found the most important features of the Quickbase platform are as follows:

  • Process and Workflow Automation
  • Collaboration
  • Customization
  • Dashboards and Reporting
  • Integrations
  • Security and Reliability

“We use Quickbase for everything. Every single one of our departments use Quickbase. Quickbase apps have been developed specific to each department and I’ve even developed my own app for our marketing department. I developed my app to catalog articles and information I find on the web on a particular topic and it works perfectly.” – David S., Marketing Manager, Hospital & Health Care Organization, 501-1,000 employees

“Complicated reports are easy to create and customize in minutes so that you can quickly assess the status of the project or drive accountability down to the user level.” – VP Engineering, Telecommunications Company, 10,000+ employees

“You don’t have to be in IT to be able to build an app. Anyone can build an app, it breaks down walls and doesn’t rely on an approval process necessarily.” – Director of Product Management, Pharmaceuticals company, 51-200 employees

The Benefits of No-Code

The report also includes an executive interview with Jay Jamison, SVP of Strategy and Product Management. Jamison discusses the “agile for everyone” approach of the no-code movement, the difference between no-code and low-code platforms, as well as their impact on career development.

No-code platforms eliminate the barriers for less experienced or less technical employees to make contributions more quickly. We recently surveyed our users and found that more than 50% of them said they had been publicly recognized for their work on Quickbase, and more than 20% had received a promotion directly because of their work with Quickbase.

Jay Jamison says, “It’s really exciting for us because we have customers who are saying ‘I’m getting ahead in my career because of my dedication to your platform.’ That’s very inspiring to hear, but it’s also something more senior executives are looking for — ways to engage employees and find people who are committed to solving problems.

We think Quickbase users are exactly the types of engaged employees that every CEO wants. They want employees who see a problem and take action to fix it, so the company is more responsive to customers and to changes in the marketplace. Quickbase is the tool that enables this.”

Jamison continues to give real world examples of how customers use Quickbase, and discusses our focus on trust, simplicity, and power and what’s coming up in the product roadmap.

Take a look at the full interview and in-depth report with customer feedback and reviews here.

Written By: Jessica Hawley
Jessica Hawley is a marketing manager at Quickbase, focused on SEO, content and social media.

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