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Free Access, Support and Expertise to Help Organizations with COVID-19 Disruption

Written By: Danielle Zimmerman
March 19, 2020
2 min read

We are facing unimaginable challenges in every aspect of our lives with the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Through all of the change and disruption, one thing has been clear, our customers are continuing to inspire us with their acts of innovation to keep their businesses and communities moving.

We know we had to do something to get our resources into the hands of more businesses to create value—fast.

Today we announced a comprehensive program to provide critical support to companies as they manage through business disruption, including free access to organizations on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis, such as healthcare providers, governments, educational institutions and nonprofits.

We are offering a comprehensive set of tools and resources to help organizations address the unique challenges presented by COVID-19 and related operational disruptions. It includes:

  • Free access to create and use COVID-19 solutions through September 30th
  • Templates for the most common emergency response applications
  • Expert onboarding, support, community resources and additional tools for customers

We see the importance and the difficulty of the effort to respond to the impact of COVID-19 on our communities, and we’re committed to helping make those efforts successful. With free access, organizations will be able to quickly create workflows to manage key processes, such as tracking assets, coordinating resources, maintaining compliance, managing equipment, collecting data and more. It’s one small way we are working to support the organizations doing the important work every day.

We are Stronger Together: Application Templates and Community Support

Inspired by our customers, cross-functional teams, including customers and Quickbase employees, have come together to build a series of templates, supporting emergency response and business continuity. Included is a comprehensive emergency response application template, with functionality for communication tracking, remote worker asset management, travel restriction oversight, CDC updates and more.

I watched a team, brand new to working fully remote, band together to create an application template that they knew would provide immense value to our customers—because customer-obsession is in all of our job descriptions.

More applications are being rolled out daily, view on the Quickbase App Exchange.

We are also offering Quickbase builder certification for anyone that wants to continue to develop their skills in what may be an unexpected time of rest or action. Use the code qbcares for three free exams.

A Brighter Future

Though these times have been trying, I have the privilege of working for the best customers in the world. I get to see them take our platform and do more than we could have ever imagined, improving their businesses every day. Though this time is testing us, it is truly showing the strength in this community of problem-solvers, and role breakers. I can’t wait to look back in a few weeks and see just what they have accomplished.

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