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Feedback on the New Quickbase

Written By: Ellie Ellerman
October 31, 2012
2 min read

We love getting customer feedback at Quickbase. And we spend a lot of time and energy soliciting it. Recently, we’ve received a lot of feedback related to the New Quickbase which we’ve started to release to a pilot group of current customers as well as all new trials. There have been a lot of raves, as well as some rants, and I’d like to share something about our learning process as a whole, and specifically what we’re doing about what we’ve learned from customers recently.

What is Quickbase’s feedback process?

We actively collect feedback throughout our design, dev and release process:

  • During design, we do extensive usability testing with new and existing customers to get feedback before we decide on our final designs. Since it was such a big change, the new user experience went through several rounds and iterations — over a hundred participants all told, including existing customers using their real data in development environments to give us the most accurate feedback possible.
  • For larger releases, during later stages of development we also provide a beta environment available for select customers and Quickbase Channel Partners to use real apps to uncover issues and to give us feedback. This time we had over 30 separate applications from different customers participating in the beta.
  • Finally, after we release, and especially during this pilot period, we have a place for you to submit your feedback to User Voice. This forum allows users to submit product requests, see what other users are asking for, and vote on other ideas. By the way, we have just raised the votes limit in User Voice from 10 to 50 based on feedback from some customers that they want more voice.

Finally, know that where we have already noticed some consistent constructive feedback on the New Quickbase, we have some projects in the works:

  • User-specific settings to let you opt-in to tighter spacing on reports and forms.
  • Table settings to let you control which report displays when you first go to a table.
  • Ability to group and order the reports shown in the reports panel.
  • Better page load performance.

We will continue to review the feedback we get and assess where we need to make changes or enhancements. And for those of you who have participated in the design process along the way, and who are participating in the pilot right now, I appreciate you taking the time to give feedback.



Written By: Ellie Ellerman

I’m a product manager at Quickbase in Waltham, MA. I like biking to work, British mysteries, and sci-fi action movies.

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