Five A-Ha Moments from Empower 2023

Written By: Lina Agudelo
June 8, 2023
4 min read

Empower is our favorite time of the year—our community comes together for discussions, insights, learnings, trainings, and a glimpse at what the future of work has in store for us all. This year was no exception, we packed the virtual house with 1500+ members of our Qrew (more on this below!).

Empower 2023 featured an engaging lineup of more than 50 success stories told by our customers, our partners, and our product team on how Quickbase is helping them solve for their most important and complex challenges.

Here are 5 a-ha moments from Empower 2023:

The shift from structured to dynamic work

Traditionally, organizations have managed work that was rigid and linear in nature, with small teams focused on task-based assignments. Today, work is much more multi-dimensional and dynamic, involving more people and more systems than before. It’s complex, it involves many stakeholders – and the tools on the market aren’t serving the needs for this work.

At Empower 2023, CEO Ed Jennings walked us through issues companies struggle with today such as information overload, underleveraged workforces, and countless workplace tools that are impacting the way work is being delivered. On average, individuals are using 10 different software solutions to manage their work, resulting in lost revenue and wasted time. It also causes what we call “Gray Work” - the work done outside of systems and organizational channels to keep projects moving and get by.

Quickbase is the only platform purpose-built for the Dynamic Enterprise, empowering businesses to see, connect, and control even their most complex work at enterprise scale.
Ed Jennings
CEO, Quickbase

Quickbase: a platform purpose-built for dynamic work

To keep up with the high market demands, companies must shift from structured work to dynamic work. Doing so requires effortlessly finding the right information, easily managing physical or digital assets, and your most complex work being seamlessly orchestrated across your organization. At Empower 2023, we announced upgrades designed for a new era of productivity.

As we enter a new era of productivity built around dynamic work, here are some of the new product features announced at this year’s Empower 2023 to support this new way of work:

  • Next Generation Forms – Easily create forms your users love with a drag-and-drop interface, with a simple date entry experience to guide your users through the process.
  • New Mobile Dashboards - Focus on the go with mobile dashboards, and find the information you need when and where you need it. And much more is coming this year!
  • Snowflake Integration - get even more from your data with our new Snowflake channel, offering an experience streamlined from data warehousing and analytics to aggregation and manipulation.
  • Quickbase Platform Navigation - We’re giving you more room for viewing and managing data.
  • New Changes to Quickbase Exchange – To help building and adding, the Exchange is going through an evolution. Now you can add a formula to your form or report by clicking a button, or simply add new modules.
  • Data Analyzer – Understand your data by elevating business insights based on AI/ML algorithms. It will be like having your personal data scientist in a box.
Our vision is to give you one place to do it all – a single platform where teams come together to easily build the most powerful solutions to solve every critical business problem.
Debbi Roberts, Senior Vice President of Product Management
Debbi Roberts
SVP, Product Management, Quickbase

Success Stories from Quickbase Customers

One of our favorite parts of Empower, is the opportunity to learn directly from Quickbase users. This year, we featured an inspirational lineup of customer-led sessions:

  • Fay Financial uses Quickbase to purchase real estate properties in bulk. By connecting our platform to MLS systems, leveraging APIs, and more, Quickbase works as a central hub of information where they can efficiently analyze and evaluate data scaling their operations.
  • Southwest Airlines built the infrastructure to launch a new fare class, Wanna Get Away +, in just six weeks with Quickbase managing and centralizing the entire process.
  • PwC shared how they use Quickbase capabilities to deploy high-value solutions that help Fortune 100 companies streamline processes across multiple, siloed systems.

Meet The Qrew

At Empower, we unveiled the re-imaged Quickbase Community, The Qrew! Join us and engage in discussions, take part in meetups with local Quickbase users, interact with Quickbase leaders, shape the future of our product, and much more. Connect with industry leaders, peers, innovators, and groundbreaking professionals on a platform where you can exchange ideas, discuss challenges & brainstorm solutions — a place where we can all work together.

AI driving the future of Quickbase

As Empower is all about unlocking potential, we are excited about the future of Quickbase – and how continued AI innovations can unlock more potential for Quickbase going forward. While Quickbase has been leading the charge on citizen development and democratizing application building for almost 25 years, AI is the ultimate citizen development tool. Everyone, regardless of technical skills, can build applications based on simply asking for what you need from these new tools with the power to understand language.

The promise of a new age of productivity is here now. We’re dedicated to continuing to innovate with AI, and our team is building new capabilities throughout this summer designed to do just that, and continue making us the ultimate citizen development empowerment tool.

Written By: Lina Agudelo

Lina Agudelo is a Digital Events Manager for Quickbase.

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