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Streamline Workflows with Quickbase’s Snowflake Integration

Written By: Georgi Sotirov
June 7, 2023
3 min read

Organizations need a clearer view of their data to better handle the era of dynamic work. Instead of jumping from tool to tool to find key information, the best organizations are uniting all of their information to make it clear, consistent, and powerful. Quickbase is thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking integration between Quickbase and Snowflake, bridging the gap between two powerful platforms to unlock seamless data transfer and analysis like never before.

Kicked off in April 2023, enterprises can explore how the Quickbase and Snowflake channel empowers businesses to leverage the full potential of their data ecosystem. Snowflake provides a robust and scalable data warehousing and analytics environment, while Quickbase offers a flexible and collaborative platform for data manipulation, aggregation, and reporting.

Both platforms, individually, have created countless solutions for many companies, with Snowflake enabling effective data storage and processing, and Quickbase uniting and putting organizational data into action. Seamlessly integrating these platforms unlocks the full value of organizational data and brings valuable insights to the forefront.

The native Snowflake connector allows enterprise customers to integrate with Snowflake so enterprises can:

  • Write data to a table in the Snowflake data warehouse
  • Export bulk data from table in the Snowflake data warehouse
  • Bulk load data to a table in the Snowflake data warehouse
  • Transfer data from any external systems within Pipelines that support file transfers without any additional steps

Here is what this channel empowers organizations to do with their data, and what Michaelle Bicksler, IT Applications Developer at Endeavor, is seeing her organization achieve:

The Snowflake channel saves us time, money, and work. The ease of use is pretty amazing.
Michaelle Bicksler
IT Applications Developer, Endeavor

Fast and efficient data transfer

The days of time-consuming and error-prone manual data extraction and loading are over. Leveraging Snowflake's cutting-edge query optimization and parallel processing capabilities, this channel enables lightning-fast data transfer, ensuring that even massive datasets can be synced within minutes, not hours or days.

“Our customers were using ODBC on-prem connectivity to connect with Snowflake and pull data. It took them hours to fetch up to 10,000 records and bring them in Quickbase. With the new Snowflake channel, they can transfer 1 million records from Snowflake to Quickbase in less than 5 minutes,” said Bicksler.

Empowering data manipulation and collaboration

Once the data is seamlessly transferred to Quickbase, users can manipulate, aggregate, and collaborate on the data with ease -- where teams can work together, derive insights, and make informed business decisions based on real-time data.

“Our customers often prepare their monthly reports/plannings in Quickbase due to the ability to easily transform data. Once the data is in Quickbase, users can manipulate it according to their needs,” Bicksler said. “The Quickbase platform allows users to analyze and manipulate data without the need for extensive coding or technical expertise which is key for our customers who don’t have technical knowledge and understanding of SQL language.”

Unleashing the full potential of your data ecosystem

The Snowflake Channel for Quickbase opens endless possibilities for enterprises seeking to leverage the combined power of Snowflake and Quickbase. Whether it's building powerful and scalable data pipelines, sharing valuable product usage insights across departments, or empowering teams to retrieve data independently, this channel propels your data ecosystem to new heights of efficiency and productivity.

“The Snowflake channel saves us time, money, and work,” Bicksler added. “The ease of use is pretty amazing.”

Written By: Georgi Sotirov

Georgi Sotirov is a Product Manager at Quickbase.

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