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Written By: Matt Lieberson
September 28, 2022
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At Quickbase, we’ve been through a lot of coats of paint. Seeing new colors and logos over the years may make it hard to keep straight who we are and why we’re different. Lately, we’ve seen a consistent challenge that you and your organizations are seeking to solve: bringing clarity, connection, and control to your most complex projects. And the more we interact with our customers and people like you, the more these themes became clear. So why is it such a critical challenge to attack? And how do we do it better?

Solving for Collaboration at Scale

You’ve told us that the big ideas in your portfolio are the most challenging to execute. They take lots of people, systems, and processes, and every day there are more and more stakeholders you have to involve – inside and outside your company. And the way you work together is changing faster than ever before, which only makes things more complex.

The current methods for effective teamwork are simply not built for this massive scale – ensuring people, systems, and organizations work in lockstep is a massive challenge. Taking on the right approach can quickly permeate through your entire organization. And this is why we exist. Our approach to collaborative work is a different, more holistic approach. It unites processes, teams, and partners across organizations. It doesn’t take on the struggles of teamwork piecemeal – it approaches them as one, bringing more information and people together than otherwise possible. And it is tailor-made for this new, larger challenge organizations face.

Clarity, Connection, & Control

You probably ask yourself why this feels so hard to tackle with your current approach. Within any organization, information comes from a ton of different sources. Much of it comes from sources that are disconnected, leading to miscommunications across teams and projects. And if you’re looking to change the world around you, you’re dealing with the biggest portfolios of challenging projects. So, each miscommunication or bit of missing information can lead to wasted time, wasted money, and frustrated people.

What if there was a better way? Think about the value and simplicity of the connections when using the Google suite. The information flowing through your Gmail flows through your Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more. All of it is powered by one central source of truth with your Google account, and depending on the device you use, you get the information you need at the right time. And when collaborating, you can decide exactly who sees what and how.

Imagine if this were possible for your business, allowing you to manage the information across your entire operation at any time – all your project data, employee and vendor data, finance data, your work orders, contracts, and invoices. With Quickbase, you can see the information that flows to your teams and your collaborators in other organizations, with dashboards serving as a single source of truth. You can connect your data and processes through Pipelines, ensuring that work happening in one system will be easily reflected across all systems. And lastly, you can control your data and workflows with permissions and governance, bringing centralized control to IT teams. Oh, and you can do it all in hours instead of weeks.

With the ability to see, connect, and control your people, processes and data, you can trust and enable those closest to the work to innovate. And, you’ll be able to not just adapt as changes come but see changes coming from a mile away.

But why Quickbase?

While lots of technology claims to solve this challenge, none of this is new at Quickbase. In fact, we have been focused on improving collaboration and agility for organizations facing complex portfolios of projects for over 20 years – a long track record of success. We have seen industries change, new methods of work and collaboration come to pass, and priorities shift at a faster pace than ever before. Our continued platform innovation, our award-winning customer success team, our diversified, and our effective approach to bringing value as fast as possible all show why our experience is incredibly valuable. Don’t believe us? Check out review sites like TrustRadius or analyst reports.

It is also borne out of how we view our work and our company internally. Our approach, driven by our internal philosophy of “We Win Together,” has always been about bringing together people and systems in a unique way to solve the complexities of modern work. As our CEO Ed Jennings put it, “The idea of creating connections is an external reflection of how we think, the value our product provides, how we work with our customers, and our view of the world.”

Through all of this, we have always believed in our approach and our continued innovation, making us well-equipped to partner with you for your most complex portfolios of projects. So let’s do it together, and let’s do it now.

Matt Lieberson
Written By: Matt Lieberson

Matt Lieberson is a Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.

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