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From Idea to Reality: Lucidchart and Quickbase Partner to Turn Visualizations into Impact

Written By: Chris Hutchens
May 25, 2021
3 min read

Innovation can come from anywhere. We now know that a diverse set of minds and skills can create the next great technology innovation—but they need the tools to do that. That is why we at Quickbase are excited to announce today a new partnership with Lucid, the leading provider of visual collaboration software, allowing anyone to visualize complex ideas and bring them to life.

A natural partnership

This partnership truly unearthed itself. People have been diagramming workflows and processes in Lucidchart and building them into Quickbase business applications for years.

In fact, we’ve observed that the most proficient and successful builders in Quickbase are those who understand process maps, data relationships, and exactly how they want to improve the workflows they’re in every day. Historically this work was done on physical white boards (who’s tried that on Zoom?), but then people realized Lucidchart was a better way to map and plan applications. This partnership will simply make that more seamless and more supported. We’re really excited about it, our customers are really excited about it, and we believe it has the opportunity to expose the power of Quickbase to even more business technologists eager to solve big problems.

A need for agility

Companies today are challenged to keep up with the swift pace of business change, as 91 percent of businesses have altered their operating models in the past year. The rise of citizen automation is a key factor in helping companies adapt, but organizational and technical complexities hinder organic innovation and the adoption of new solutions. And as organizations look to become more flexible and adaptable to prepare for change, building solutions at speed is critical to change operating models on a dime.

Lucidchart is an intelligent diagramming application within the Lucid visual collaboration suite that empowers teams to clarify complexity, align insights, and build the future – faster. Ideas structured and developed in Lucidchart can serve as a strong foundation to diagram a Quickbase no-code application, helping collaborate on new ideas and adopt technology-driven solutions to business challenges.

Lucid and Quickbase are working together to build cross-platform integrations that will make it possible to transform Lucidchart diagrams into fully operational business applications in Quickbase.

Ultimately, more seamless integration from concept to reality helps citizen developers to:

  • Deliver Value Faster: Visualization capabilities allow for clarity and streamlined decision-making, helping accelerate pace of new solutions.
  • Collaborate Easier: Visualizing processes, requirements, and potential workflows improves communication and collaboration with key stakeholders.
  • Build Applications Users Love: User feedback is faster and easier to incorporate throughout the application lifecycle.

A democratized future

This partnership means more than two powerful technology platforms coming together—it’s another significant step forward in supporting an ecosystem of democratized technology. People from all technical backgrounds now have access to the tools they need to visualize and build applications that can make a major impact on organizations of all sizes, in all industries. We think that’s pretty powerful.

To learn more about the new partnership or to get started turning your Lucidchart diagram into a fully operational Quickbase application, visit the Lucid partnership section on the Quickbase website.

Written By: Chris Hutchens

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