Quickbase and Lucid Are Partnering to Unlock Your Potential

Adapt and innovate at speed. Turn your Lucidchart diagram into a functioning business application in days!

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As we began to think through our complex workflows and processes in our business, we utilized Lucidchart to visualize how everything is connected. That seamlessly took us into the build of our Quickbase application and made our vision a reality.

Forrest Clarke
Innovation Team Lead, Accenture

Turn Ideas Into Reality With Quickbase & Lucidchart

Together, Quickbase and Lucidchart make it easy to collaborate and align with teammates as you visualize complex ideas and bring them to life.

Deliver Value Faster

Visualization capabilities allow for clarity and streamlined decision-making, helping accelerate pace of new solutions.

Collaborate Easier

Visualizing processes, requirements and potential workflows improves communication and collaboration with key stakeholders.
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Build Applications Users Love

User feedback is faster and easier to incorporate throughout the application lifecycle.

How We'll Unlock Your Potential Together

Lucid and Quickbase are working together to build cross-platform integrations that will make it possible to transform Lucidchart diagrams into fully operational business applications in Quickbase.

At Quickbase, we collaborate with customers via diagramming tools like Lucidchart to modernize workflows and move concepts forward faster.

Our partnership with Lucid is a major step forward in building our ecosystem of citizen automation, expanding our capabilities, and furthering our vision of unlocking the full potential of systems, information and people.

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