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Four Reasons to Join the Quickbase Qrew

Written By: Molly Sullivan
June 7, 2023
4 min read

It takes a certain type of person to take on the most complex work our world and our organizations have to offer. Regardless of background, discipline, or industry, we’re all connected by our desire to make things better. And as the work world has shifted from linear, structured work to cross-functional, dynamic work, the only way we can succeed is by succeeding together.

That is why we’re thrilled to launch the Quickbase Qrew – our revamped community designed to unite, connect, and empower leaders across the Quickbase world. Qrew is a manifestation of our “All Together Now” attitude – we're dedicated to your success, and by bringing together dedicated people, we’ll help you get there. The Qrew will not only bring us answers, advice, and ideas, but a network of people who really get it.

If you’re looking to connect with people who are passionate about solving business problems and driving success for their organizations, Quickbase Qrew is where to go. Here are four reasons why you should join the Quickbase Qrew today:

Connect with others in your network

The Qrew will allow you to make new connections, expand your influence, and grow your expertise. Aside from learning how others use Quickbase, The Qrew will allow you to meet people who are as dedicated to helping their organizations see, connect, and control their most complex projects as you. By connecting with Quickbase experts and leaders, you can continue to expand your skills and grow your network to meet fellow changemakers like yourself. Quickbase SMEs, employees, and partners are all dedicated to making sure you get the most out of the Qrew experience.

And since we’ve heard how valuable it is to gather around specific topics, industries, roles, and even locations, Qrew members will have the opportunity to meet virtually to connect with each other and Quickbase experts. Today, customers can join Customer Networks, which are now called Customer Network Qrew Groups – Quickbase led, entirely virtual meet-ups run by Quickbase Customer Success Managers. Deepen your connections, grow your skills, level-up your impact.

Learn how others use Quickbase to solve their challenges

The true experts in how to use Quickbase? That’s you – the people using Quickbase to solve your most complex business challenges with Quickbase every single day. Continue to brush up your skills and learn best practices from others across the Quickbase community, from Quickbase tips to new approaches to your most complex projects. Qrew Groups will allow you to connect in-person and virtually with people in your industry, location, or role, and expand what is possible in Quickbase. Qrew Groups will have app demos and countless other ways to get the most out of Quickbase at your organization.

Lead by building your reputation and driving innovation

By joining The Qrew you’ll gain access to opportunities to help shape the future of Quickbase. As the Quickbase product continues to evolve and improve, you’ll be the first to know. The Quickbase Product team partners with The Qrew to give our most passionate people a first look at new features on the way, and a direct line for feedback to help shape the direction of the product moving forward.

Beyond the product, the Qrew will allow you to grow your personal network and reputation, and help create a broad community of experts dedicated to solving complex challenges. In Qrew Discussions online and in Qrew Groups in person, you can find the expertise you need to get your work to the next level. Being in the first wave of this community will establish you as a true leader on the forefront of the dynamic enterprise.

Enjoy exclusive perks – and have fun!

We are always driven and inspired by the success of our people – and that includes you. Joining the Quickbase Qrew will give you exclusive access to Quickbase swag, opportunities to learn from Quickbase executives, and more. And the more you participate, with the Champions reward program, the more you’ll earn and be rewarded. But most importantly, doing so with the people dedicated to their organization’s success is going to be fun. Joining the Qrew puts you in a community of likeminded, driven, energetic people who are motivated and excited for the future of their work.

We can’t wait to get started and bring out the full impact of the Quickbase Qrew, and by joining today, we’ll begin to discover that full impact together.

Molly Sullivan
Written By: Molly Sullivan

Molly Sullivan is the SVP of Brand Experience at Quickbase.

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